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    Spoiler alert. I did not vote for either candidate, but it still escapes me how no Mormon Democrat has ever said anything about Hillary and the Democrat party. How they “rigged” the election against Bernie. How Harry Reid…..“LIED” about Mitt Romney and was called out on it and gave a little smirk exclaiming, “Well……he didn’t win did he?”. Sure Trump has many faults but do you actually believe you would have been better under a Hillary Clinton presidency? A friend of mine exclaimed something to me a month after the election when she (a non-member) found out that there were Mormon Democrats, other than Harry Reid. She said, “Joe, Mormon Democrat….isn’t that like saying a Jewish Nazi? Doesn’t make sense” I was stumped. Didn’t know what to say. Told her everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Then she asked, “How can you run a church like that? Look at what differing opinions is doing to the Catholic church, the Methodist, Baptist, etc.” So when I read Mormon Democrats who go after the people on the right, without giving the same to their own, when warranted, then I go back to what my friend ask me and start to wonder myself.
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