Being A Person of Faith and A Union Activist Are Not Mutually Exclusive

On one occasion after a Sunday precinct walk in Reno on behalf of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, I was enjoying some Pollo Loco and was deep in thought. Normally on Sunday, I would be at church, I thought to myself. As if reading my mind, then-National Association of Letter Carriers President Bill Young looked at me and said, “Brother, you’re doing the Lord’s work!”

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What is your issue?

When deciding how to vote we evaluate politicians based on a list of personal priorities. In this post I share with you my list of priorities and I hope you will share yours with me.

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Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Pamela Burt

I am invariably amused when I am asked, either with horror or with confusion, "how can you be a Mormon Democrat?" My answer is, "how could I not be"? 

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Why Mormons and Trump Just Don't Get Along

There are so many reasons Donald Trump should not be president. In fact, this list outlines in brutally efficient fashion a few of the ways Mr. Trump is entirely unfit to be President of the United States. Polls show that Utah voters are warming up to Trump (he'd beat Hillary Clinton if the race were today), which means that at least some Mormons are actually contemplating the act of casting their ballot for a man who boasted about his genitalia on national TV. With these poll numbers in mind, I'll look at two questions about Donald Trump from a Mormon perspective.

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Celebrate Pioneer Day by Focusing on Refugees

Pioneer Day is a great opportunity for us to stop looking backward and start looking forward. 

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LDS Dems of America Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

While some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are trying to decide whether to vote for Donald Trump or Gary Johnson, we'll be putting forth the case that our Mormon sisters and brothers should consider a third, too-often-overlooked option: Hillary Clinton.

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Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition

It was the picture that shattered all of our records.

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Cafeteria Morality

Too many conservatives today practice cafeteria morality. They boldly stand in defense of moral issues when they feel like it, and send "thoughts and prayers" when they don't.

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Of Republicans and Vouchers

As a newly registered candidate for the Utah House of Representatives I sat down to write up my platform.  I began talking about my young family and how important it is to me that they received a high quality education. I deleted the line and started over.  My reason for running for state office was not about my family.  They will be fine.  My reason for running was to make sure all Utah residents had an opportunity for self reliance.

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Befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land

It being summertime, schools are getting out; people are graduating high school and college, soon will be July and Independence Day.  We are also, thankfully, deep into the U.S. Presidential election at this time.

There have been various incidents in the news lately about Patriotism, and our Constitutional rights, and how they are to be upheld, and who has the right to what.  There are those in the State of Utah, some who possess high and or important positions, like Sheriffs, State Legislative members, members of Congress, who feel that it is not the Federal Government’s role or position to be able to tell them how to do things, or how they can control Federal lands.  This is in direct contradiction of the Lord’s words to us in these days.


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