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    Let me add one that I am feeling super strong right now: REIGNITE A CURIOSITY OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT LIKE ME. If I was completely honest, and this is not something I am proud to admit, I was furious with Middle America on Tuesday. “How could they be so stupid? They have no idea what they are doing!” It’s easy as a upper middle class person who has a college degree and a salary job to look down on blue collar workers with no degree and assume that somehow we know more than they do and can then make a better decision than they can. I, and ultimately we as a party and a country, need to cut that out RIGHT NOW. The people who put Trump in the White House aren’t alt-right bloggers who are racist nationalists. They are 50-year-old guys who used to work in coal mines and steel mills who were left behind by a digital, automated economy and have no savings, no paycheck, no educational opportunities, water that is unsafe for their kids to drink and no advocates. Its time that we really start paying REAL attention to real people outside what we know, and not as some figurative, faceless demographics. I have taken so much for granted over the Obama years. Because my guy that I worked so hard for was in the seat, I think that I assumed that all was well and that so much progress was being made. We found out Tuesday how that hasn’t been the case for a large part of our country that used to be the foundation of the Democratic Party. I think I can learn from that and be better for it.
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