Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Hyde Merrill

Robert F. Kennedy reportedly said something like, “Some see how things are and ask, ‘Why?’ I see how things might be and ask, ‘Why not?’” To me, this is the philosophy of the Democratic Party.


My wife had cancer. We were billed $4,609 for one injection and $70 for another. The insurance company disallowed 99% of each charge, paid 1%, and said, “You may not attempt to collect the rest from the patient.” To me the strength of Obamacare is that more people have access to the purchasing power and protection that insurance companies provide against a medical system run amok.

A friend, an immigrant – maybe undocumented –a corn on his big toe. McDonald’s income, no insurance, no doctor. He used a grocery store corn-dissolver. His toe got infected. When it got bad enough, he went to the ER. They amputated; “$16,000, please”, which he cannot pay. He is lame forever – it’s hard to walk without a big toe. Insured, he could have seen a doctor on day one, he’d still have his toe, no ER, and it would have cost society much less than $16,000.

Theodore Roosevelt, a progressive Republican, in spirit a Democrat, tried hard to fix medicine. So did Harry S. Truman and the Clintons. For 100 years, all were fought off by the entrenched system. Crazy!

As crazy as the NRA and its money, committed to let me have guns designed only to kill people, but unwilling to keep me from being killed by guns the crazies can have.

I studied math and engineering at the U of Utah and have a PhD in engineering from MIT. I have always been active in the LDS Church and have had very senior callings. I believe that the Democratic Party principles reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ much better than do the opposition’s. Our few goofy positions are peripheral. Their goofiness seems central.

Hyde Merrill - Sandy, UT

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