Wars, rumors of wars, border security: why is it talked about so much

There is an interesting fact that recently occurred to me.  There has been a large amount of yelling and discussion amount conservatives about Domestic security, protecting our boarders, the need for a stronger military, etc.  This of course is nothing new, and it has been this way for many years.  What occurred to me recently is that I would LOVE to know where they get these ideas.  Let’s look at the facts of the matter, and see how accurate it is.

There have been only 3 wars fought on U.S. soil: The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the U.S. Civil War.  The Spanish-American war was never fought on American soil, and the Mexican-American War, was fought in Mexican territory, and disputed territories.  You can technically say that there were some battles fought within U.S. territory, but basically not.  Other than the various battles against the various Native-American tribes throughout the countries history, these are the only three fought on U.S. soil/North America.

There have been more domestic acts of terrorism than actual military incursions in this country.  Yet, conservatives are constantly screaming about border security, protecting ourselves, building walls, boosting military spending, and looking for various reasons to doubt, and blame both the current administration, and various liberal groups, and the Democratic party that they are “weak” on national security issues.

So, I bring up the question, “why?”  Why do conservatives keep screaming about National Security and border protection?  Why do they keep talking about the importance of strengthening the military, as if we’re going to need it for border security?  Whom are they afraid is going to invade this country?  Who has the military power to stand against the military strength that currently exists?  Are we leaving NATO?  Are we leaving the UN?  Are we surrounded by countries that hate us, and our very existence?  Yet, this is one of the biggest things talked about among the conservative community at large.

We know that wars and rumors of wars are going to be a regular thing in these last days.  And we have, and are having many wars and rumors of wars around the world right now.  But, let us not be one of the key fulfillers of this.  With so many international discussions at this time about refugees, and the countries that are willing to help, verses those that are not willing to help, and all the talk so far in this presidential election about building the “Great wall of the United States” seems against key points of the Gospel.

The Lord stated many times in the Book of Mormon that everyone who comes to this, the Promised Land, will be brought here by the hand of God, for his reasons.  We need to uphold this belief, and not one of ‘we are full’.  Everyone loves to use the Statue of Liberty as a key symbol of this country, and of freedom in general.  It needs to be remembered why it was given, what the core ideals of freedom are, and the diversity this country is made of.

Let us not be war mongers.  Let us not throw away our brothers and sisters because they come from another land, speak another language, or believe in things different than our own.  There are no borders in Heaven, and we are all children of God.

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  • J. B.
    commented 2015-09-12 08:35:40 -0700
    I lock my doors, my windows and am armed inside my house. It only takes that one time for evil to pass your threshold to put the safety of your family at risk. Your perspective changes when you now someone that is touched by violence. I had a guy I worked with in Texas City, 2 illegal criminals broke into his parents house, bound them, robbed them and shot them both in the back of the head. It was such a sad thing to see this good man endure.

    I conceal carry. I have thwarted being a crime victim 3 times by solely the presence of my firearm. One thing you can’t guarantee 100 percent is your safety.

    We are supposed to be a nation of laws. There are immigration laws that are not being followed nor enforced. Lawless behavior is even encouraged by the president. When law passed by the people’s representatives are not followed, we are following the whims of men with no order. From that order will come chaos and loss of liberty.

    We can’t “round up” those that have overstayed their visas and violated their contracts, but we can set up DUI check points to “round up” drunk drivers. How about tax cheats. The are “rounded up” all the time which results in the separation of families. As a citizen of my state and country, there is not one single felony that I can commit in which I would find favor in my government. However, an illegal alien can cross the boarder, drive without a license and insurance with no penalty. Even if he is caught, he ignores his hearing date before a judge. The illegal is also given befits and welfare that I have to help pay for nor will ever qualify for, when he should be providing for himself if is able bodied.

    The progressive, religious left think it is just to bring to pass Christ’s mission through government. I think they relish the fact that government forces the tax payer to pay for their pseudo-charitable purposes without the tax payer even having the agency to choose whether or not he wants to support the progressive agenda. Because if I am forced to be righteous, I guess I will be righteous. Wait, I heard that somewhere before.

    Ammon carried a sword and converted a whole nation. Should we ask what silly thing was he afraid of that he needed a sword? Golly, he could have cut himself with that thing.

    Should an illegal alien member of the church be able to get a temple recommend? I think he is not honest with his fellow man if he has not cleared that up.

    Why do the church leaders make sure the missionaries abroad are following the law of each country?
  • Wolf Balmanno
    commented 2015-09-11 17:14:11 -0700
    To respond to you, I don’t have a fence, or latches on my windows, and I sleep just fine. The gospel was restored here because of the 1st amendment. But the early pioneers had to leave the country because the government(s), federal and local, would not uphold the law.
    We do NOT need fences and locked doors to stay safe. We need people who uphold the law, and follow the teachings of Christ to “love thy neighbor as thyself”.
  • J. B.
    commented 2015-09-11 16:16:35 -0700
    Why? For the same reasons you have a fence around your property, door knobs and window latches that lock. If you truly believe that heaven has no boarders, take down the fence around your yard, remove your door knobs and window latches and see what happens. I’m sure you would sleep soundly.

    A nation can only remain sovereign when there is the rule of law. This nation was the only one where the Gospel could be restored. If we don’t adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law, the day will come where we will not be allowed to worship that same true Gospel.
  • Wolf Balmanno
    published this page in Blog 2015-09-10 08:00:03 -0700
  • Wolf Balmanno
    published this page in Blog 2015-09-05 08:47:10 -0700

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