The World Isn't Getting Worse; It's Moving Forward

Going to ‘heck’ in a hand basket

The world is getting worse. It is the platitude we hear several times a month in Sacrament, Sunday School, and Priesthood/RS meetings. Conversations I have with conservative Latter-day Saints are sprinkled with a world view that pits ward members, me, and my family against “the world”. Some Mormons casually claim that they would be drug addicts and/or in jail without the church; as if that is the only path for the non-religious. The growth in unrighteousness is typically evidenced by a sensational piece by the Wall Street Journal or an inflammatory Fox News story.

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On Prison Abolition and Joseph's Prophetic Support

 I think prisons should be abolished. If you think that’s radical, remember (or learn) that Joseph Smith essentially thought the same.

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Fairness for All

Fairness in the public square is equal protection under the law.

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Not Hillary? McCaskill 2016

If not Hillary, then who? Claire McCaskill!

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The Fallacy of Earning: Korihor, Martin Luther, and the Christless Imperative

Taking Korihor as our model, the anti-Christ’s tenets are threefold:

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Handcart Handouts

We are a responsible people. The best example of responsibility towards our fellow man is exemplified in the Willie and Martin Handcart Rescue.

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Charity Never Faileth But Sometimes Legislators Do

March 4, 2015 is a night I’ll always remember as one of the worst of my life. It started well: a large crowd of Utahns gathered together to support bringing healthcare access to tens of thousands of their fellow human beings.

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Supporting Marriage Equality and Staying Faithful, Say What??

I was in my English class when I heard the announcement. The Supreme Court had overturned the stay that was issued to stop gay marriages in Idaho after they had deemed that banning them was unconstitutional.

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Why Dumbing-Down AP History is Anti-Mormon

In their seemingly-endless quest to destroy the American educational system, state-level conservative lawmakers have found a new drum to beat: banning Advanced Placement education in high schools.

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