Latter-Day Left Adds A New Feminine Voice


Meet our newest voice, Anneke Garcia. We are happy to say she will be joining us throughout the season with a new perspective on headlines in the news. Anneke is an instructional designer currently based in Salt Lake City and a mom of two boys.  

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What is Latter-Day Left?

The blogosphere and podcast fields have been saturated with content. Everyday we are bombarded with opinions and talking heads from every aspect of the political sphere. For LDS liberals there have been very few voices to listen to. About a year ago the LDS Dems caucus brought to us a father and son duo each week with the intent of showing the world that you can be Mormon,  be a liberal, be strong in your faith, and make a difference for the better in this world. 


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Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Herm Olsen

I am a proud LDS Democrat because I believe we must renounce war, and proclaim peace. We must honor and respect ALL of God’s children, regardless of their origin, ethnicity or religion. We must honor and cherish Mother Earth, and respect the air, the water, and the mountains. We must build bridges, not walls. We must share the goodness of the Gospel with our actions more than our words.

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Being A Person of Faith and A Union Activist Are Not Mutually Exclusive

On one occasion after a Sunday precinct walk in Reno on behalf of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, I was enjoying some Pollo Loco and was deep in thought. Normally on Sunday, I would be at church, I thought to myself. As if reading my mind, then-National Association of Letter Carriers President Bill Young looked at me and said, “Brother, you’re doing the Lord’s work!”

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What is your issue?

When deciding how to vote we evaluate politicians based on a list of personal priorities. In this post I share with you my list of priorities and I hope you will share yours with me.

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Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Pamela Burt

I am invariably amused when I am asked, either with horror or with confusion, "how can you be a Mormon Democrat?" My answer is, "how could I not be"? 

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Why Mormons and Trump Just Don't Get Along

There are so many reasons Donald Trump should not be president. In fact, this list outlines in brutally efficient fashion a few of the ways Mr. Trump is entirely unfit to be President of the United States. Polls show that Utah voters are warming up to Trump (he'd beat Hillary Clinton if the race were today), which means that at least some Mormons are actually contemplating the act of casting their ballot for a man who boasted about his genitalia on national TV. With these poll numbers in mind, I'll look at two questions about Donald Trump from a Mormon perspective.

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Celebrate Pioneer Day by Focusing on Refugees

Pioneer Day is a great opportunity for us to stop looking backward and start looking forward. 

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LDS Dems of America Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

While some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are trying to decide whether to vote for Donald Trump or Gary Johnson, we'll be putting forth the case that our Mormon sisters and brothers should consider a third, too-often-overlooked option: Hillary Clinton.

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Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition

It was the picture that shattered all of our records.

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