A Gathering of Saints: Mormon Democrats in NC

If you are a member of our Mormons for Obama Facebook group, you know this already: Mormon Democrats are gathering for an event coinciding with the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Harry Reid is to be their keynote speaker.  (He promises to speculate on Romney's taxes only twice in his address!)  The Salt Lake Tribune and The New York Times both reported on the upcoming September 4th event.  This promises to be a great opportunity to show support for President Obama, especially at a time when our unique Mormon voice been misrepresented by the other party and its presumptive nominee.

As Craig Janis of South Jordan points out in the SL Tribune article, "It’s pretty important that the image our state and our church projects is not just the conservative Mitt Romney image. I would love for our image as LDS people and as Utahns more generally to be such that there is no political association with it."

I would add that some members of our faith go along with the Republican Mormon majority because it seems the "thing to do," or because they have strong influences in their families or congregations; however, a simple conversation about the platform of the Democratic Party and how it fits with Mormon ideals and faith can sometimes break through many of the assumptions about what it means to be a Mormon Democrat.  Hopefully, the media attention to events like these can further break the stereotype that all (good) Mormons vote Republican.

So if you are in the area, (or if you can get a plane ticket there,) get your tickets by going to http://ldsdems.eventbrite.com/

Also, visit the Utah Democratic Party website for more information!

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