A Political Gospel?

Despite claims to the contrary, many LDS church services are full of political opinion. Conservative political opinion, that is.


Whether about national, state, or local issues, these opinions come out over the pulpit, in the hallways between meetings, in Sunday School lessons, during Visiting Teaching visits, and really anywhere else Mormons tend to be. Now, if you'd ask most Mormons, they'd tell you that political opinions have no place in Church. The thing is, most conservative Mormons in the US honestly believe that their political opinions are actually religious ones. In other words, when a well-meaning Sister expounds upon the Satanic agency-reducing effects of redistributive taxation, she is not talking politics, she's talking religion.

We here at mormonliberals beg to differ. We don't accept conservative politics as automatically equalling the Gospel. This site means to demonstrate that liberal politics have just as much Gospel backing--if not more--than do conservative politics. We certainly don't believe we have a monopoly on truth, nor do we believe our perspective is the only one credibly backed by LDS doctrine.

But, we do believe ours is most credibly backed by LDS doctrine. Otherwise we would have to be Mormons despite our political beliefs. We firmly believe we are liberals because of our Mormon faith, not despite it.

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