Can Republicans Help Now?

Since Republicans seem to be on the cusp of something they've spent more than my entire lifetime trying to make illegal (abortion), can they please come back and start working on actual problems instead of just non-stop complaining?

Republicans now have given the government full control over women's bodies, so can they please come use their energy for something that will actually help people?
Here are some ideas:
  1. Universal women's therapy so that women forced to carry their child to term despite it being still-born have someone to talk to about their trauma.
  2. Also therapy for those who are forced to carry their child to term because the woman was raped.
  3. Also therapy for those who are forced to carry their child to term because the woman was impregnated by someone in her family.
  4. Legal defense fund for women who have a miscarriage but the government thinks it was an abortion and they have to defend themselves (on top of the trauma of a miscarriage).
  5. Funeral fund for the families of women who pass away due to having to carry their baby to term despite the danger.
  6. Post-mortem fund for those left behind to hire childcare after the mother has passed away due to #5 above.
  7. Parenting fund for mothers who would normally get an abortion due to lack of money. Since Republicans are forcing women to carry a baby to term, the least they can do is help bolster children's access to basic needs.
  8. Single mother college fund to help those we forced carry their child to term get an education such that she can actually support the child.
  9. Continued therapy for women mentally unprepared for child-rearing.
  10. Maybe we can now start focusing on what prevents unwanted pregnancy in the first place? Like contraception? Or sex education?

Since we're allowing the government to be inside women's bodies, let's also regulate men's as well:

  1. Forced vasectomy for any man who causes an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Forced garnishment of wages if the man refuses to support the child that this man forced the woman to carry to term.
  3. Men will be obligated to pay extra in taxes to support the above funds, because 100% of unwanted pregnancies are caused by men.
  4. Boys coming into puberty will be given a vasectomy that will be reversed when they are ready, capable, and willing to father a child.
I'm hoping that since the dream of several lifetimes is now about to be realized, Republicans can come back to the solutions table and try to help us pass decent legislation.

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