Candidate Profile: Charlene Albarran

Charlene McArthur Albarran was raised in Pocatello, Idaho.


She graduated with honors in Mathematics and Statistics. She was founder and CEO of three companies and two homeless foundations. She serves on a number of corporate and community boards.


Married for 32 years, she and Roberto have two sons and two granddaughters.


Charlene has her private pilot’s license and loves the outdoors of Utah. She has traveled to over 50 countries.


She is fluent in Spanish and is strong, compassionate. She will fight to ensure equal and affordable access to education and healthcare, equal opportunity in the workplace, and promote conservation of natural resources. She will also protect the benefits of our Senior Citizens and Veterans.


“I can no longer stand on the sidelines and see our state and country go in an unfavorable direction. We must unite, young and old, rich and poor, every race, creed and color, Democrats and Republicans. We are the United States of America, and we must stand strong and we must stand together. I will get things done!”

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