Candidate Profile: Paul Schulte

Paul Schulte is running for the Utah State House of Representatives in District 39, representing the Taylorsville and Kearns area.
Paul was the principal of Highland High for 11 years and is currently the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for Salt Lake City School District.  Throughout his career, he has been a champion for all students, particularly minority students. At Highland High, the graduation rate for all students increased, including some years where the Latino students had the highest success. He understands the needs of students and how to best facilitate student learning. He is an active member of the LDS church and has served in a variety of leadership positions. Currently, he serves as the stake president.  He has served the community as a volunteer in a variety of settings, but he especially loves helping youth sports.
He is running for State House of Representative because of 3 main reasons:
First, everyone deserves quality health care.  Our Legislature essentially is ripping up a $258 million dollar check each year that belonged to all Utahns, tax dollars we already are paying into the federal system.  Utah needs a fiscally responsible leader like Paul Schulte to bring those tax dollars back to Utah to serve Utah citizens and build Utah’s economy.
Second, we must change educational spending in Utah and invest in our children.  Utah is dead last in the nation on spending per pupil.  We can and must do better for the next generation.  Utah should be leading the nation in academic excellence not lagging behind in last place.
Third, let’s fix our dirty air problem. The poor air quality isn't just bad for those with asthma or heart conditions, but also expecting mothers.  Air quality isn’t just a winter issue, but a yearlong concern that must be solved.  The summer ozone near the surface causes serious health risks for our children, the elderly and those with health concerns.
Paul has been married to Jeanine (Simmons) Schulte for 30 years and they are proud parents of 7 wonderful children: Allie Terrazas (husband David) 29 (school teacher), Thaddeus 26 (Peace Corp volunteer in Africa), Christian 22 (Sierra), Ephraim 21, Sylvia 19, Caleb 16 and Mary 14.

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