Candidate Profile: Ty Markham

Ty Markham is a Wayne County resident & a local seasonal business owner since 2001. 


She fell in love with Utah while attending BYU in the early 70’s, taught school for several years, and,after raising four children (including three Eagle Scouts) she finished a Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She was staff psychologist at the U Hospital for 15 years before retiring to enjoy a rural life with time off to spend with her grandchildren.

Ty has served on the Torrey Town Council and on the Wayne County Business Association board. As a former teacher & school principle, she has been a strong advocate for quality education for Utah’s children.  She supports local business, sustainable growth, lower impact fees, water conservation practices, sensible & fair tax policies, and ending wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars! She believes in transparency at all levels of government, and adheres to the principle that government operates at the behest of and in the interest of the People, not corporations. She believes transparency must reign at every level of government.  And she is dedicated to the concerns of constituents over special-interest lobbies.

Ty is a progressive candidate seeking to represent those who live in Utah’s House District 73. It is a vast district, encompassing six southern Utah counties, including four of Utah’s national parks, two national monuments, and several state parks. Although these six counties are not highly populated, they contain some of the hardest working, most creative, honest &goodhearted folk you’d ever want to meet!  She feels humbled and honored at the thought of representing them.

Her passions are healthcare, education, sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. She will work with others to lead our state through the transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a sustainable, clean energy future. She will push to reverse a harmful decision at the state capital to reject our state’s portion of Expanded Medicaid. There are far too many poor families in our counties who fall through the cracks of marketplace healthcare. These families& individuals desperately need the expanded coverage that our federal tax dollars have already paid for. Ty will fight for them.

She will also fight for a re-ordering of priorities in our state’s political “system”. Instead of promoting the interests of big corporations, Ty is committed to addressing the needs of workers, families, and to helping their communities prosper.  Many challenges are unique to rural desert communities, and she understand those well. It takes a special kind of leader to find win-win solutions when good people and honored cultures clash over which path to take toward a prosperous future. But Ty has the heart, the will, and the creativity to forge solutions that respect the highest good of the community, regardless of the highest bidder.

Ty Markham has pledged to not take money from corporations, nor from for-profit special interest groups. She will place the well being of constituents at the very top when it comes to offering a listening ear and the legislation that she will promote. Ty believes that true democracy can and will be restored to our great republic. And she has chosen to take a leadership role in the movement to make this happen!

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