Economics Paper from 2004

Perhaps one of my passions (and an intragal part of politics and policy making) is economics. This paper was written three months before the 2004 election.

(First two paragraphs of the article)

Perhaps one of the most partisan debates today is the economics of monetary and fiscal policy. Many administrations in the past have implemented their own beliefs in regards to this subject. In studying various administrations of both parties, I have come to various conclusions:

    1. The Federal Reserve and the chairman have a greater power of controlling the economy then the president.


  • Economic policy is a misguided reason to side with any candidate.



  • Each president in the last 100 years has sided with variations of two economic theories, Keynesism and Supply Side.



  • National debt and deficits need to be maintained with judgment as both can enable detrimental effects in regards to our money supply.


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