General Conference: A Reminder About the MormonPress Mission

This Easter weekend is the first General Conference since our launch as MormonPress. As this is a major social media weekend for most LDS-centered online outlets, this is a good time for a reminder about our mission and what this means for our coverage:

MormonPress is built to be a place for dialogue among LDS progressives, democrats, and basically everyone who considers themselves to left of the political center. We are focused on discussing politics, political philosophy, and evidence-based public policy in a way that is informed by our experiences and perspectives as Latter-day Saints, and as our mission statements says, "our best interpretations of the Jesus Christ that we strive to emulate as Mormons." It is not our mission to tear down The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or suggest ways the Church can reform or improve beyond ways we, personally, can be more engaged in our communities at large.

What does this mean for our coverage of General Conference? 

It means we at MormonPress are going to focus on thoughtful reflection, rather than live-coverage and reaction. For example, as we've thought about and discussed last weekend's Women's Session of General Conference, we've started putting together a series of posts examining evidence-based ways we can strengthen all families, a series that will unfold over the coming months. Posts about the remaining sessions of General Conference will likewise come over the next several weeks and months rather than the next few days.

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