If You Really Care About Reducing Abortions, Vote Democrat

Yesterday Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the March for Life demonstrations in Washington, DC. Mike Pence is a strong advocate for the pro-life cause supporting positions that include de-funding Planned Parenthood, opposing stem cell research, criminal proceedings for hurting the fetus, and prohibiting minors from crossing state lines for abortions. These positions are in accordance with the pro-life platform which professes to care about the rights of the unborn. In reality, conservatives play the pro-life card to drive polls, but once in political control campaign promises are consistently tossed by the wayside. Republicans also provide strong financial support Israel, who offer publicly-funded abortions and socialized healthcare.

In defense of Democrat’s pro-choice position, here are some discussion points suggesting they have a greater impact positively impacting the pro-life agenda.

  • The abortion rate has declined faster under Democrat presidents than Republican presidents. Since the high of 29 abortions per 1000 women under the Reagan Administration, the abortion rate has dropped significantly. Currently under the Obama Administration the abortion rate has declined 25% (19.7 to 14.6). Under President Clinton’s administration the abortion rate fell almost 20% (25 to 20.5). This is partly due to the abortion rate having strong ties to the economy. 25-30% of abortions occur among married couples. When finances are tight children become a financial liability. With the U.S. economy making significant progress under both Clinton and Obama, the abortion rate responded accordingly.
  • Access to healthcare drives down the abortion rate. When Governor Romney passed the Massachusetts healthcare bill a positive correlation was discovered. Harvard published a study which concluded greater accessibility to doctors resulted in higher efficacy of birth control. The state-wide abortion rate fell 6% in the years following Romney’s expansive healthcare legislation. With 20 million additional Americans now covered under the Affordable Care Act, the impact to the abortion rate will be positively correlated.
  • Republicans use abortion as a campaign tool, but do not introduce legislation. When Republicans had control of the White House, Senate, House, most Governor-ships, and the Supreme Court from 2002-2006 the only legislation passed was a late term abortion ban carrying strong bipartisan support. Republicans also tried to pass a federal traditional marriage amendment which couldn’t even garner universal support from their own party members. Republicans currently have full control of the House and Senate and the only abortion bill brought to the floor was pulled by Speaker Boehner due to lack of GOP support. Such inaction begs the question how Republicans actually prioritize this issue.
  • Roe vs. Wade has not been challenged by Republicans.The argument has been made that resolving abortion rests with the courts. Since the passage of Roe vs Wade, very little judicial activism has transpired even though the High Court has sustained a majority of conservative judges. If Republicans can push the Affordable Care Act to the High Court twice within two years, why haven’t they pushed abortion challenges through the system?
  • The only abortion legislation signed by President Obama RESTRICTED abortion. Known as the Stupak compromise, a Michigan Democrat worked with President Obama to ensure Affordable Care Act funding would not be used for abortions. Upon passage of the law, President Obama followed through by signing an executive order which banned any public funding to be used for abortion. Even Ronald Reagan, Republican’s conservative icon, signed California’s “Therapeutic Abortion Act” making access to abortion possible for millions of women.
  • Republicans ignore the consequences of banning abortion. Even with a lawful ban, individuals with means will always be able to find doctors who will perform the procedure. A disproportionate number of lower income mothers and fathers will not have such resources and personal responsibility for their children will be abandoned. The burden will then be transferred to the state, which will require resources and funding. Given the recent push of Republicans to cut food stamps, half of which benefit children, it’s not unreasonable to assume the party will punt the consequences. Adoption as a universal solution is also unrealistic given demographics, cost, and demand.
  • Republican’s push to close Planned Parenthood will accelerate the abortion rate. One of the greatest tools to facilitate a pro-life agenda is education and access to contraceptives. No organization in the United States provides greater access to family planning services than Planned Parenthood. In fact, only three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion related. The vast majority of Planned Parenthood activities focus on prevention, as 80 percent of clients receive services on curbing unintended pregnancy. In fact, Planned Parenthood services helps prevent approximately 516,000 unintended pregnancies each year.
Through their support of expanding healthcare, education, and economic reform Democrats are more effective reducing the rate of abortions. Democrats also have a track record of supporting resources to care for unwanted children which will be a significant issue if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. Waiving the moral flag is good for political theater, but if conservatives really cared about the unborn, they might consider voting Democrat.

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