Inaugaration 2013

So it officially begins - Obama's second term.  I watched the coverage with my favorite news team of PBS NewsHour.  One of the women interviewed commented (and I'm paraphrasing her) about how the reelection of President Obama was so special because it proved that his election in 2008, as the first African American president, was not a fluke - that America didn't just hop on the band wagon of history ("We'll give him a chance, but don't ask us again,") but that we really have turned a page in this American story.   So for all of this to happen, and on Martin Luther King Day to boot, really touched me today.

A friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram of her toddler in front of the TV watching Obama's speech.  She wrote the caption: "Breakfast with Obama."  I couldn't help but wonder how the world will appear to the children who grow up with an American history that includes an African American president.  It changes everything.

A good friend of mine emailed me this afternoon:

Dear Joseph,
I have been so teary today with enormous joy and celebration  engendered by what has transpired today.   I feel The Lord had been so gracious to enable Obama to continue--not allowing the values that are so repugnant to me to permeate the culture of the next four years .  JOY! JOY! JOY!

And I echo that sentiment here.  Additionally, I join Senator Harry Reid in raising a toast of crystal clear water to our 44th President - here are his words:

Americans todays are wishing the President Godspeed for the next four years.  People all over the world are looking at us, and our exemplary democracy, and wishing the President the best in the years to come.

I’ve had the good fortune for the last many years to work on a very close, personal basis with President Obama.  I’ve watched him in the most difficult challenges that a person could face.  I’ve watched him do this with brilliance, with patience, with courage, wisdom, and kindness, for which I have learned a great deal. So, Mr. President, I toast and pray for you, your wonderful family, and our great country four more successful years. Barack Obama.


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