Recently a friend posted a work of art on Facebook by renowned artist and fan of President Trump, Jon McNaughton.  Another of my friends introduced me to an article in Newsweek where many on twitter took the painting and changed it according to what they think President Trump is painting.  I decided to introduce my own take on President Trump's "Masterpiece."  I hope this finds a few smiles.  Enjoy.

I call this "Masterpiece in Cages"

I call this "Glacial Global Masterpiece"

I call this "Carbon Masterpiece"

I call this "Twitter Masterpiece"

I call this "Tariff Catastrophe Masterpiece"

I call this "Stock Market Masterpiece"

I call this "Kids in Cages Masterpiece"

This was an embellishment of something someone else did that I saw in the Newsweek article... I just made it look more like a painting.  I call it "White Masterpiece"



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