Why I am an Ex-Mormon and a strong Decmocrat

Life teachs you to live with authenticity and always to be true to yourself. I couldn't remain as a Mormon member due to the fact that I am a mature gay man. I paid dearly when I came out of the closet. My point is I am a strong Democrat. I hold three different citizenships (Chilean-born-, American and Canadian). I lived in Utah, for 8 years, under the infamous Ronald Reagan administration. I saw first hand how people, sadly many members of the church, treated Democrats when passing every house to ask to join the Democrat party. These people cried when visiting us as they couldn't believe the treatment they got by their own brothers and sisters. Today, I am a strong "Democratico", Democrat and/or Liberal as it names in Canada. I hope that my vote will never allow Republicans to be in office. Thank You! Max.

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