No Mormon President - thankfully

To those Latter-day Saints who are still feeling depressed about Brother Romney's loss, here's some food for thought:

One thing all of us know: if something bad happens and a Mormon is involved, you will see that plastered all over the news reports. Murderers, thieves and spies of other religions - you will never know what their faith is. Not so with Mormons. That's usually the lead sentence in the story.

With that thought in mind, consider the following: Think back during the worst days of the Iraq War, when America was pretty much despised around the world, even among our usual allies. Now ask yourself: What if George W. Bush had been a Mormon? You know the answer to that: all the negative stuff being said around the world would have applied to the Church, not just America. What kind of an effect do you think that would have had on the missionary work?

Most Latter-day Saints have only thought of the upside of having a Mormon in the Oval Office; they haven't thought of the negative ramifications. Let me put it this way: the folks who work at 50 E. South Temple are wise men of the world. Given the possible negative effects of an unpopular Mormon American president on the Church's image, something tells me they probably weren't participating in the fast and prayer thing to have Romney elected. Their letter congratulating President Obama actually sounded pretty sincere. Maybe this is part of the reason.

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