On regulation and doing what’s right

The following is an imaginary conversation with an imaginary conservative friend.

ME: Ugh, I just read an article about how Big Company X treats its employees/pollutes the environment. That's just so terrible.

ICF: Well, maybe, but you can't blame Big Company X. It's not like they've broken the law. Everything they've done is entirely legal.
ME: So you're not frustrated that they are doing those things?
ICF: I might wish they weren't but that's their choice: they didn't do anything to break the law.
ME: This is why I'm in favor of regulation in this particular instance: if we don't regulate their behavior, then they will do whatever they can to maximize their profits. Even if that hurts people/pollutes the environment.
ICF: No, you can't take away freedom from those businesses! It's not good for government to do that sort of thing.
ME: Okay, so who's going to stop them? If the market doesn't stop them, and you won't let the government stop them, then is it okay for them to pollute so much? To abuse their employees like that?

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