Pray for the President

As the pressure over the tragic events in Syria has heated up the last few weeks, I have been overwhelmed with feelings of empathy and compassion toward President Obama. One can only imagine the pressure and strain he is under as he struggles to find a way to deal with the senseless killing of hundreds of innocents by a ruthless dictator. It has been pointed out that there are no easy answers, that the situation is hopelessly complex, and members of the chattering class have overwhelmed us with opinions of how America should respond.

President Obama has already faced and dealt with more than any American leader since Roosevelt, and he has borne these burdens while being relentlessly attacked and vilified by his political opponents. I don't know how he can stand the strain.

As the President and members of Congress debate our response to the use of chemical weapons in the civil war in Syria, I think now is a good time to heed the wise counsel of the First Presidency on the occasion of President Obama's re-election. We should pray for the President and members of Congress to have the inspiration to do the right thing. We should pray for him personally, that he will have the strength to bear the unbearable burdens that have been placed on his shoulders. And we should pray that our fellow Americans will have compassion for this good man, and regardless of personal opinions, that the nation can support him in these trials once the President and Congress have decided on a course of action.

We read daily in the news of our leaders and the struggles they face and sometimes forget they are human beings just like us, with fears and hopes and physical and psychological limits of how much they can bear. Let us have compassion for our President and pray for him.

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