State of the Union 2015: How to Watch

The State of the Union is Tuesday night, starting at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific. My preferred way of watching the last few years has been the White House's enhanced feed: it includes infographics and excludes pundits. We'll also be live-tweeting from @MormonPress. But if you want some other ways, C-SPAN has a nice undiluted feed, though it can be slow due to the heavy traffic, and all the major broadcast and cable news channels are also showing it, which means three things:

1. We get America-level freedom to choose which pundits we want to watch bloviate on a Tuesday night.

2. My household will have to wait a little longer for new episodes of Agent Carter and New Girl.

3. State of the Union bingo with Wolf Blitzer is a thing. The winner apparently gets a personalized Vine from Wolf himself.

And, finally, in case you want to down entirely too much IBC root beer, Cloture Club has some rules for a SOTU-themed drinking game that can be readily adapted by Mo politicos/wonks. 

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