The Periodic and Obligatory Romney Update:

Post by Joseph M-

Firstly, Romney has furthered his position in the race for the nomination; according to NPR, after the Wisconsin primary, he is no longer being referred to as the "likely" nominee, but the "almost certain" Republican nominee.  He is taking on Obama now, and Santorum appears to be an April Fool's joke after all.

And in other news, some guy named Brett Hatch read from the Book of Mormon at a Mitt Romney campaign rally yesterday, and he followed up his reading with a doctrinal question (about racism in the Church) that Romney refused to answer.  I will let you read the link below in case you didn't already see it all over the web.

Nothing new here; more of people trying to understand and define Mormons in a way that gets America to vote for someone else - (Ron Paul in this case).  But I would like to add this: Mr Hatch, if you want to question Romney about racism, you might want to first look at your own candidate, dear old Mr. Paul.  He had a little racist newsletter problem a few years back that you might not have heard about.  Besides, there are a lot more logical reasons for Romney to lose your vote than anything written in the Book of Mormon; feel free to search this site (or the whole world wide web) to discover what some of those might be.  But alas, you support Ron Paul; logic may not be your strong suit.

One interesting thing did occur after Romney refused to get into the specifics of Hatch's question: he spoke about his time serving as a bishop or stake president, (he used the term "pastor" so I can't say for sure which calling he referenced.) He used his church service to explain that he has counseled with many who were struggling in his congregation, and that therefore he is in touch with real people and real Americans.

See this article from the Huffington Post about Romney's experience as bishop.

I appreciate that serving as bishop and stake president affords one the opportunity to rub shoulders with the common man, despite someone's wealth.  However, given what he is saying now, I don't know that Romney really understands everyday Americans.  I acknowledge that Romney-care showed a nice mix of sensitivity for those lacking insurance and business-sense in that an individual mandate was put in place to support it.  But isn't  that a thing of the past?  Now we have Romney saying things like, "I'm not concerned about the very poor.  We have a safety net there."  Maybe we have a whole new Romney like everyone is saying, and just as his days of health care reform are over, so are his days of being bishop.  He is a shaken Etch-a-Sketch; he needs to do a little more than talk about being bishop to prove he understands everyday Americans.

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