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Yahoo News posted an interesting article under the heading,  Road Trip: Mormon-in-chief? Latter-day Saints talk about what a President Romney would mean to them   The article contains four interviews with Mormons from the several corners of the political belief system - a Democrat, a Libertarian, a moderate, and a Republican.  However, Kim Gardener, the Democrat, says that she is not certain that she is voting for Obama, so I'm not too certain about her... but her video is the is linked here, so all can decide for themselves.  I guess she does have a 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke sitting in front of her at a dinner party, so maybe that makes her liberal?

A friend sent me the link with his own heading: "I'm still voting for Obama."  But honestly, I haven't thought much about what a "Mormon presidency" might mean to me, since I am fairly confident of a win for the President come November.  But apparently many Mormons have been pondering this question - would it be good for the Church?  How would the Church change under another four years of this level of scrutiny?  So I have started pondering what it would mean to me if a Mormon (Romney in this case) was elected president in 2012.  Well, to steal a line from the same friend who sent me this article: mostly I'd be sad that Obama didn't win.

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