Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Aubrey Klumker

To explain why I associate with Democrats is not a simple answer.


I rely heavily on what I feel to be true and correct, and the positions Democrats take align with Christlike love and generosity. The main issues that make me a Democrat is marriage equality and universal healthcare. I believe in the same doctrinal teachings that Mormons believe to be true—that everyone has the right to experience joy, happiness, free agency, and giving of trials. Mormons are taught over and over again that through marriage, one can achieve the greatest joy ever experienced. Denying homosexuals marriage is taking away a level of happiness that everyone deserves to experience. Denying certain individuals with a specific sexual orientation the right to marriage is also taking away one’s free agency, which is against the doctrines of the LDS faith.  I also believe that Heavenly Father does not give us trials that are too much for us to handle, and because of that, how could those who experience same-sex attraction or are transgender not be the strongest spirits out there? Marriage is a civil right that all should enjoy. Period.

I also believe in universal healthcare because it also aligns with LDS doctrine of providing and nurturing our brethren, and who are we to decide whether someone gets to live or die only because of a lack or abundant access to temporal riches. If there is the technology and medical advances to save lives, then everyone should have abundant and endless access to a doctor, medication, and excellent care. I have two type 1 diabetic brothers and without their medication, they would quickly die. I cannot even comprehend what would happen to my family physically, mentally, and emotionally if we did not have access to their medication. The terribly sorrowful reality is that without universal healthcare there are so many individuals without the resources for this crucial medical care. Not having universal healthcare puts the United States behind so many other countries thriving in providing for their citizens such as Canada, Switzerland, and many others who are considered to have the best universal healthcare systems in the world. So much for the United States being a superpower for the people it represents and ‘defends.’ More people die because of diseases and medical issues than terrorist attacks.

I’m a Democrat, I’m a woman, and I’m a Mormon.

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