Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Louella

I was first drawn to the Democrats because they are more inclusive in their membership. 


As I attended conventions, I heard talks of how Democrats include anyone in their party. It reminded me of the teachings of the Book of Mormon, specifically in Jacob 2:12-13 (and on into that chapter) of how our Heavenly Father does not want us to hold ourselves above our brethren. We are not to think of ourselves as above others who may have less possessions than we do or have less learning or less clothing, etc. Everyone is a child of God and loved by God.

I am, of course, a moderate Democrat, one who does not believe in throwing my beliefs in anyone's face or stirring up contention. I believe in helping the poor, strengthening public education, and that America should be run with compassion. I believe the goals of our nation should be to do what we can to eliminate ghettos, eliminate racial prejudice, stress equal rights for women and for everyone, I believe that health care and good public education are rights that everyone deserves.

I do not believe that the goal of our economy should be bigger profits for CEO's and other business leaders. I believe we have gone too far in the direction of greed and selfishness.

I believe we as a people and as neighbors should be working for a higher quality of life for all.

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