Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Samantha Hawkins

I am a Democrat because I believe that it is our responsibility to care for this earth that God created for us.

There is an abundance of natural beauty on this planet that I love to spend time in, whether it be running or rock climbing or skiing. I love this earth and I want future generations to be able to enjoy the same natural beauty that has shaped my relationship to God and my entire worldview. Our earth is facing the greatest environmental challenges in all of human history, and living how we are now is completely unsustainable for the future of our planet. The Democratic Party works to enact policies that mitigate our environmental impact and I affiliate with this party because I believe that if we wait, the greater the costs will become for our planet.  I believe in conservation, climate change regulations, and doing everything we can to take care of God’s creations. I believe that earth stewardship is a gospel principle and that the LDS faith helps encourages the preservation of our earth and helps us to accept our accountability to our Creator.  Both the LDS faith and the Democratic Party offer a deeper understanding of our natural world and give us the ability to preserve the integrity of God’s incredible creations.  I’m a Democrat and I’m a Mormon. 

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