Why this Mormon Stands with Ferguson

Imagine that Mormon missionaries were killed and abused by police on a regular basis.

These young Mormons are tazed to death while handcuffed, shot multiple times in the back, choked to death, etc. Whenever this happens, we Mormons turn to law enforcement and the political system, and we're essentially told that maybe our young people wouldn't be facing these abuses if they weren't causing so much trouble.

Then, imagine that we reach a tipping point, that an unarmed Mormon missionary is killed on the street under very suspicious circumstances. And then another. And then another. And not only are those responsible not charged, they aren't even brought to trial. I can imagine Mormons being quite bothered, perhaps even resorting to nonviolent protests. Or maybe even violent protest.

I can imagine this because that's exactly what we did under abuses not that long ago. We Mormons had our own problems with law enforcement in Missouri, and we responded with seriously violent protests.

Now, I'm not saying at all that historical persecution of Mormons in America is anywhere near the generations upon generations of violent, bigoted, and/or racist persecution of people of color in America.

What I am saying is that I can understand the frustration in Ferguson, and Utah, and New York, and Cleveland, and Phoenix, and across the country, and that the frustration might not really depend on the specific details of one individual case. It will be difficult for a privileged white male to comprehend this frustration, because I've never had to live with anything even remotely similar. But that's not going to keep me from trying.

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  • Washington's Ghost
    commented 2015-02-19 13:51:50 -0800
    “we responded with seriously violent protests” except the “we” isn’t quite accurate. Those who responded with such action were condemned by LDS authorities as evil and were excommunicated.

    " It will be difficult for a privileged white male to comprehend this frustration, because I’ve never had to live with anything even remotely similar. " Why are you racist in your writing? All races have been subjected to slavery as well as other abuses. The race war will continue as long as there are those who continue to polarize. Abuse of any kind due to comparison of any nature is sinful at it’s core: race, religion, gender, ethnicity, intelligence, defects, personality traits, geographic origin, social skills, political party, etc.
  • Washington's Ghost
    commented 2015-02-19 13:44:28 -0800
    Suppose, for a moment, that 95%+ of Mormon Missionaries were killed by Mormon Missionaries. That despite very strict rules on violence and gun possession that the Missionaries regularly murdered others as well as each other with restricted weapons.

    This argument is not intellectually honest. Yes, treat everyone with respect/Love. But if we want to go down this rabbit hole, one might insist that Mormon Missionaries learn to behave as they wish to be treated.

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