Christy Scott Knott

  • commented on The gospel and progressivism go hand in hand 2015-09-08 16:20:15 -0700
    Just one thing to clarify…I agree with a lot of what you say BUT it’s really not the LDS definition of marriage. It’s God’s definition of marriage. I think we can at least agree on that, right? I mean you don’t have to LIKE it or force others to comply with it but we can at least acknowledge that it is…maybe? Anyway, I heard a wonderful quote years ago from Ezra Taft Benson read by our then Bishop over the pulpit regarding universal health care and workers rights and educational opportunities for all in the US that he wrote during the New Deal era. Many in our congregation were shocked! In fact, he told us we would be, and then read the quote without telling us WHO said it. You could have heard a pin drop! Since then, I have looked at each point of political ideology and legislation as a unique idea not as a package deal. I have finally been willing to admit that I am squarely ALL OVER THE BOARD. This makes many people in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, very squirrelly…nervous even. My family freaks out and refuses to even consider that I may be correct. They can’t put me in a box. Labels don’t hold. I’m for gender equality but not same-sex marriage. I’m anti-abortion as birth control on demand but pro-medical procedures for reasons that preserve life and dignity. I’m pro-compassionate immigration reform that does in actual fact make granting citizenship something we incentivize. I am for death penalty but only in cases of DNA evidence. I think our cops and judges are out of control but so are our citizens. I love Obamacare for so many reasons but don’t want a single party payer plan. I want free college for all that qualify, homeschooling to be encouraged for those who choose it. I want a real living minimum wage and real food to cost less than McDonald’s and Twinkies. But don’t you dare tell me I can’t have a 44oz Diet Pepsi if I want one! I’m for these things and a whole lot more that you will not find on a single party’s platform. I am for THINKING & PRAYING & LOVING & that investing in our country is what made it what it is today! That, and good people, living good lives, working hard for what they get, and sharing it with others that all may be contributing to the amazingness of the future. Yes, I am different…but I’m ok with that.


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