Nolan Knarr

  • commented on Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition 2016-07-20 19:43:03 -0700
    Marc – Actually, nice try to you to arbitrarily disprove reality. Arbitrarily announcing if you dug back 50 years (At this point, 41 years longer than the chart) and cherry-picked facts, of course you could find a 50/50 distribution. At some point, they’ve all said their names and have all made some sort of joke which is inherently at least partially false for comedic effect.

    Rob – Actually, they simply tallied up the data available at the time of the chart. So since that chart has been made, and as of me writing this on 7/20/16, Trumps overall “Truthiness” rating (an arbitrary metric which totals “true” and “mostly true” statements as the same thing) has actually gone up to a staggering 23%, a solid gain from the chart. Clinton’s, for comparison, has gone down to 51%. The chart’s a handy metric, to be sure, but it’s not up to date, and only advises us on roughly what to expect.

    Steve, James, Jeff – Shout out to you three for making coherent points.


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