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    Utah Blue 2016

    In these critical last election days, here is a blog to share with Utahns (and anyone else) leaning towards Trump but still not comfortable with him or who plan to vote for a third party candidate. Written primarily for Utah's Republican / conservative leaning audience, blog topics topics include:

    • Precedent among the Founding Fathers for voting for your political enemies to prevent somebody truly unfit being elected to office.
    • What the three primary areas of responsibility are for the presidency and how Trump fails in every one and how Clinton excels in every one, even above all third party candidates.
    • How Brexit shocked and damaged the U.K. and how it could happen in the U.S. with Trump should voter turnout for Clinton not occur.

    More relevant content will be posted in the coming days. The link to the blog is below. Please share through all your social media channels!

    (the name of the pseudonymous author of the blog, Bloglius, is a play on the pseudonym Publius as used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay in writing the Federalist papers)


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