Roger Chambers

  • commented on The gospel and progressivism go hand in hand 2017-09-16 01:00:54 -0700
    Progressive mormons believe in Satan’s plan of forced charity.. they believe that the federal government(American people through forced redistribution of wealth incuding the widows mite) should go bankrupt to be charitable and commit national suicide, passing massive debt off to future generations who did not vote for this debt condemning them to a lower standard of living just to make them (progressive mormons) feel good about themselves. Their actions are destroying moral agency. As of September of 2017, unfunded federal liabilities exceed 129 trillion dollars and is growing exponentially. Do progressive mormons believe that the church borrow money just to be charitable? I believe in voluntary charity, not forced government charity that destroys moral agency. The dollar today is only worth 2 percent of what the dollar was worth in 1913. The value of today’s dollar has significantly decreased because the government borrows too much , spends too much, and prints too much money. I am 70 year old active 6th generation Mormon who continues to work hard as a physical therapist to support myself, family, and others (young and old) who refuse to work and be self reliant. A lot of the people who I treat as a physical therapist are young and able bodied and refuse to work and are dependent upon upon the government to care for them. I pray that the majority of the members of the church and not progressive.


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