Karen Jay

  • commented on Marriner Eccles: A Mormon New Dealer 2018-01-03 20:36:14 -0800
    Wonderful article about an extraordinary man. I am curious as to why more people aren’t interested in this amazing man and his story? He predated Keynesian economics. He was strong minded and smart, willing to change his whole philosophy about the U.S. economy, in order to steer this country away from disaster! He was also a humanitarian, caring about the downtrodden and realizing that the very wealthy was hoarding money during hard times, money that should have been distributed fairly. He understood about leveling the playing field for all and the corruption of big money from lobbyists and politicians steering the money to further their own agenda and power. His ideas saved this country from further disaster and saved so many people from the horrendous suffering during the Great Depression. Where is the common knowledge about what he did for us and the appreciation for what he did for this country? It’s too bad that so many people have such a hard time seeing past their own self interest long enough to listen.


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