Kelly Swieca

  • commented on Of Mobs and Mormons 2019-07-24 17:23:45 -0700
    Everyone came to this country for freedom except those brought against their will.

    A horrible war was fought and they obtained freedom too.

    Those freedoms become harder to come by when the government works against her people. Now we have the freedom to work much harder for much less, the freedom to lose everything we have worked for, the freedom to go into debt to obtain a required education and find no decent paying jobs, the freedom to watch our natural places sold to the highest bidder, our jobs sold to foreign powers, the freedom to watch ecosystems die, the freedom to pay for the use of polluted air, water and land, the freedom to have our privacy stolen, the freedom to send our kids to public schools or public places and wonder if they will come home alive, the freedom to die without medical care, the freedom to pay unreasonable taxes, the freedom to hear the message of our Creator perverted and misused to rationalize the unforgivable, the freedom to be lied to, robbed and ignored by our representatives, to step over the homeless as they suffer in the streets, watch our kids never succeed,the freedom to try to ignore the children in cages the elite profit off the suffering of, the veterans doing without what they need or having been lied to and used being deported, the assaulted women and children going without justice, and the jailing of our legal protestors and those who feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty in obedience to the laws of common human decency and God. We have the freedom to have our votes and petitions ignored by politicians on the take, our allies be alienated, and watch the entire planet slowly die.

    It is time for a new American revolution, with a return to the principles of the first one, a revolution in law, commerce, industry, civic duty and economic civil disobedience. It is the only way to prevent the rise of this unholy corruption.

    It is time.


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