Samuel Coleman

  • commented on Ezra Taft Benson and Politics 2021-06-22 18:02:33 -0700
    Benson did have some of his opinions in many of his talks. However, on the subject of the Proper Roll of Government, the principles of socialism, the principle of Communism, the welfare state, and the threat to freedom, this was all correct. Thou, this is not doctrine of the church, it still hold the principle of free agency which is the doctrine of the Church. When Benson brought up the fact that no true Latter Da Saint can be a “socialist”, he is actually correct on that. Thou, many many good wonderful latter day saints who honestly pay their tithing and go to church and serve others, still might support the principles of socialism, its just a minor error that they will learn to overcome if not in this life then the life to come. Socialist principles are Satan’s counterfeit to the United Order and Law of Consecration and the Kingdom of God on the earth. Benson was not the only one outspoken on the principles of socialist and the welfare state. We already had many presidents of the Church outspoken on government welfare and the principals of socialisms and communism. The Church has never supported the principles of socialisms in any way nore give encouragement to latter day saints to support it. When Christ will rule and reign on the earth, some will be surprised that in his political part of the kingdom, Christ will not support any “ism” or programs leading up to it in any way. Yes, to be fare thou, Benson did have some onions of his own and thats perfectly fine..


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