Mario Sierra de Duran

  • commented on Ezra Taft Benson and Politics 2014-10-05 22:29:01 -0700
    You’re wrong and got it all wrong, you need some Semantics and overall English courses. Elder benson was rebuked for promulgating his personal political views, for promulgating them!!! Not for having them, you said it yourself in a personal context they were friends but when representing the church it was a whole other story. Now I can only picture you as one of those persons the pick the bits and pieces of whatever meets their criteria because unless you also disagree with his view of the Vietnam war, and his predictions about education and healthcare and agree with all the mess happening right now (which is partly a fulfillment of such predictions) I can’t understand why’d you reject his political views, elder tanner wasn’t socialist Americans viewed his political party as socialist but he wasn’t, anyway I hope not too many people read this absurd post.


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