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    Sorry . As long the Democratic Party is seen as a pro abortion party , we will always have high non approval perspective by the LDS . Same is true supporting same sex marriage. It is a paradox. .
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    Using the word socialism does not resonate well among the mainstream LDS . Let us assert the ideas of fairness and justice. Let us proclaim how government can liberate the poor to be self sustaining, the need for more universal education in higher learning, how economic elites power has influence government that serves their interest to embellish more profits at the detriment peoples interest.

    Also socialism is really seen as a concept of where one will only see higher taxes and more big government controlling individual lives.. The word and some its assertions are archaic and does not work well . One would should speak of workers and consumers owning the means production and capital as being done within workers cooperative movements globally and are being very successful. Speak of community banks and social business enterprises where the bottom line is not to the increase holdings of stock owners. but provides social needs and where profits are distributed among those produce wealth through labor and collective entrepreneurial ownership.

    There are new movements arising among the global third world peoples are very well connected to the earth and how it resources are mainly to benefit the community instead the mega global corporations. Here is an example.

    “And, before arriving to Sri Lanka, I came from a background of having studied, rather earnestly, world issues over the previous few years – particularly the multitude of environmental, energy, economic and political problems that are converging upon the human race. I knew that if petroleum man was to avoid a deadly collision with the future, and extinction, and if our industrialized, consumption-based society was to transform into a more sustainable form, then systemic change was essential, and imminent. Stratified society had to become more equitable; competition and extraction had to give way to cooperation and nurturing; large scale, specialized industry and centralized economies had to transition to diverse, small scale, relocalized, community-centric interdependencies; government dependency had to be replaced with individual action and village scale resilience.”

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    This is posted on our Facebook page.

    One can relate this concept above as it is consistent what the early LDS were trying to do in Great Basin Kingdom. They indeed wanted a new Zion based upon consecrated stewardship of how wealth was to be more benefit of the community. It is so stated from a LDS church communiqué.

    “All humankind are stewards over the earth and should gratefully use what God has given, avoid wasting life and resources and use the bounty of the earth to care for the poor and the needy. "


    Time to discover new ways as we seek new constructs in organizing society that are equitable and liberating . Let us find a new “Enlightenment” or a new "Renaissance " in our quest. Let us make Zion our greatest objective.

    Bart Tippetts. .


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