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    Jeff Swift—Please permit me to clarify. My remarks were not, in fact, offered in disagreement with any of the content of the post. Rather, they were intended to support it, from my own perspective, and to express concern about conservative members who fail to accomodate the reality that Pre. Benson had an imperfect human side and then apply a litmus test toward liberal members to don’t view Pres. Benson’s political views as gospel. The specific instances of “disagreement” you presume are not, in fact, areas of disagreement for me. I think I may have left the impression I was discounting the importance of the article when I said that even if we set it aside . . .etc. I regret that. The article makes important factual clarifications; it sets the record straight. Regrettably false notions about about Pres. Benson’s politics have had a lasting effect on the informal culture of the Church. So I deeply appreciate this effort. I was attempting to suggest that for those conservatives who are prone to use the article as a reason to get “stuck” arguing the about things in the past, fresh insight might be obtained from noticing the inconsistency of Pres. Benson’s divisive politics with the current Church leadership’s policy an political neutrality and accomodation, etc. My appeal at the end of my prior post was directed toward conservatives, not toward the authors of the article. Sorry about my miscommunication.
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