David Austin

  • commented on I'm a Mormon Democrat 2017-09-08 07:19:47 -0700
    I hope it want anything I said Eliana. Like you I disagree with more of the political opinions I hear in church than those with which I agree, but I find invariably that my disagreements with other members have more to do with what political mechanisms are used, or with regard to the true status of things, than different desires to spread God’s love, true joy, and eternal life for all mankind. Despite different short term preferences we nearly always are in sync with the long term objectives of the plan of salvation. Members might be political, but the gospel, and the mind of Christ is not. I look forward to each week seeing eye to eye on eternal matters with those who normally see worldly things differently. But I have to change before I go to church,
    I have to adopt the mind of Christ. Everything then falls into place, and when they don’t it’s because I am not having the mind (and love) of Christ myself. Are you going to church with your mind it the mind of Christ? I think that makes all the difference. You can start by having less pride in your political party, whatever it may be, than in the gospel of Christ. I’m convinced in the next world everyone will be embarrassed that they ever thought their political associations meant anything worthwhile at all.


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