• commented on Of Bishops, and Blamelessness 2014-11-13 13:51:02 -0800
    Nicely done. I love the way you elevated the office of Bishop to the ideal it should be kept while acknowledging this is difficult for anyone. I love the way you point out the sacrifices bishops make in keepining silent and the need to truly separate personal views from the work of ministry. Most of all I love the way you rather kindly point out that using a priesthood office to silence others is priestcraft. (OK technically priestcraft is preaching for financial gain and this is more “unrighteous dominion” but it sure sounded cool and hit home). Thank you for your service as bishop and providing such an authorative voice to this discussion.
  • commented on The Problem and Opportunity with Bishop Paredes' Blog Post 2014-11-13 13:34:50 -0800
    Excellent commentary. I have wanted to respond on my own blog but it’s not a political blog. As liberals we need to not return scorn for scorn for Bishop Paredes, but we need not think we are inferior saints who have just not yet gained the purity to be Republicans either. I am a Democrat because I think more of the public policies align with how I read the scriptures, certainly I don’t accept every plank in the platform and do not endorse the actions of every Democrat. However, it is not from ignorance, faithlessness, or rebelliousness that I hold these views.
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