In Fairness to WBMW


A week or so ago I took the blog A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman to task for accusing President Obama of "moral rape" (she since changed that phrase to "a rape of morals") and for accusing liberals of advancing Satan's agenda. I reached out to her on Twitter with the MormonLiberals account, hoping to spur some kind of dialogue about the issue. You can go back through the account's archive to see my attempts to begin a discussion.

Instead of joining in on a discussion, she blocked me entirely. Maybe I went too far, or maybe I was rude. I certainly didn't mean to be, if I was.

I don't know why she blocked the account. But I do know I'm still dedicated to fruitful discussion and dialogue. Her most recent post gave me a lot to think about, and I hope you'll head on over to give it a read.

While Mormon liberals hold many different viewpoints on the issue of homosexuality and marriage, previously on this blog various bloggers have made a pretty good case in favor of marriage equality. But the book highlighted on WBMW serves as a very thoughtful and thorough representation of the opposing viewpoint. I might not agree with all their assertions but I believe it is imperative that we have these discussions, that we engage with the folks we might not agree with. As I've said before, if we are not willing to discuss the issues with each other we shouldn't be at all surprised when our political system doesn't function very well (or when our kids are not prepared for serving missions because they are completely unable/unwilling to talk with people they disagree with).

So please head on over to her blog and read the excerpts she's collected.

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