Gary Barton Payne

  • commented on Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition 2016-07-27 14:32:07 -0700
    Anyone who spends time analyzing politicians statements for honesty need a psychiatrist.

    Question #1 Do they endorse/ support/ agree with the constitution.

    Are they generous with other peoples money but stingy with their own.

    Have they ever earned an income apart from a government paid position.

    It is really not that complicated is it?

    I’ve never met a politician that I wanted to delegate making my life decisions to.
  • commented on I'm a Mormon Democrat 2016-07-27 14:08:52 -0700
    Just take one point …. your first point. God’s law of economics / funding is a flat tax. 10%. Why is it that you are wiser than he.? I love how Democrats are always so willing to be charitable with other peoples money. Research shows that the lowest charitable contributions per capita are in the most liberal states, and conversely, the highest charitable contributions per capita are the most conservative states>
  • commented on Being A Person of Faith and A Union Activist Are Not Mutually Exclusive 2016-07-27 13:56:32 -0700
    So now the USPostal Service looses billions of dollars every year which get paid by the tax payers. And how is that fair?


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