Mormons for Obama on Facebook: (A Super PAC)

Hello everyone!  Click on the link to join the Mormons for Obama group on Facebook!  It is the (un)official Super PAC of  Both of these entities (that share the same name) are working towards the same goal; from the Facebook group we read, (and I quote here), "This group is not an anti-Romney group; it's a group created to let people know that there are Mormons who support Barack Obama in 2012 because they think he's the best candidate."  And from we read, (am I really quoting myself?) "Firstly, we don’t hate Mitt Romney, and we don’t want to character-assassinate him here...However, we wanted to have a place to express our support for the President, his vision and policies, and his campaign for reelection; hence, we’ve created this website."

But these two internet entities are in no way collaborating with each other, nor are they communicating!  They are completely and totally and 100% free of all and any type of coordination!  (To understand why this even matters, please read Jen's post on Super PACs, and watch Steve Colbert's and Jon Stewart's explanation as well.

So please join Mormons for Obama on Facebook to interact with like-minded supporters of the president.  You will find updates from this website, plus postings of events, other web links, and civil discussion of the 2012 election!  Tom is in charge over there, and I don't even know if that is his real name, that is how uncoordinated we are.

Join Mormons for Obama on Facebook by clicking here!

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