Mitch Rapp

  • commented on Ezra Taft Benson and Politics 2020-12-21 14:15:16 -0800
    I find that far too many people—especially on the left—consistently miss forests for trees. If you want to safeguard your political persuasions and attempt to morally grandstand because President Monson’s political views aren’t coded as doctrine then go ahead. I don’t know a single conservative whose political mind was made up based on President Benson’s views. If that is the intended purpose here then it comes across as a curious reach. So, TLDR, President Benson’s politics = / doctrine, everyone!

    Cool. Got it. Interesting tree. However, back to that forest now. Admitting the above does NOT refute any of his positions. Not at all. His primary political concern regarded Communism creep in America. Was he wrong to warn us about that? Communism is easily the most discredited political philosophy in modern history and yet we are going after President Benson’s frequent warnings against it? Why?

    Taking this line sure makes it look as though “progressive Mormons” have a soft spot—much like the modern Democrat party does—for a political philosophy responsible for the murder of over 100 million people and the oppressive restriction of freedom for over 70 years. In short, Communism is evil. So why go after a man who warned against something that was so obviously conjured up by Satan’s minions? Do you disagree with his assessments?

    So, I understand the purpose of the article, but the thesis is far from interesting. I think that the progressive Mormons on here should attempt to make their case for why President Benson’s views on Communism were wrong. What you have done here is pick low-hanging fruit. Let’s hear what the anointed among our ranks really believe.


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