Caleb Young

  • commented on Ezra Taft Benson and Politics 2016-11-12 12:45:52 -0800
    This article is not only taking things out of context, it is challenging President Benson’s word as a prophet of God. Statements he made IN GENERAL CONFERENCE should be considered scripture. Interesting to note that these ‘embarrassing’ quotes by President/Elder Benson are still published on AS SCRIPTURE. If something a prophet states in general conference IS NOT scripture, it is always designated by “In my opinion…” or some other specific phrase that shows it is not the word of the Lord. President/Elder Benson does not use any of these; therefore my only conclusion can be that he is speaking for the Lord. ALSO, statements by the church that they are not connected to the John Birch Society does not mean that they are condemning the Society or its goals/opinions.


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