Stephen Houston

  • commented on Canada Reports Suspicious Lack of Apocalypse Ten Years After Marriage Equality 2015-07-17 17:26:36 -0700
    From the National Post:

    “There is no denying that Stephen Boissoin of Red Deer, Alta. scores low on the free-to-be-you-and-me scale. In a notorious June 17, 2002 letter to the Red Deer Advocate, he excoriated the “homosexual machine” and “militant homosexual agenda” that, in his opinion, was spreading “all manner of wickedness” in Canadian society. He ended with a call to moral arms, urging “Mr. and Mrs. Heterosexual” to “start taking back what the enemy has taken from you.”

    In other words, it was more or less a standard-issue manifesto from a Christian culture warrior, setting out a doctrinaire version of the Biblical view of homosexuality as a grave sin. The language is creaky and old-fashioned — and perhaps even bigoted to modern ears. Yet it encapsulates the way that millions of religiously observant Canadians feel about the subject. And, as Alberta’s Court of Appeal affirmed this week, he should have every right to say it."

    As Oviatt wrote in her article: “It can be a long process for the parties involved and is far from a perfect system, but it is in no way the apocalyptic censorship and surveillance system described by some.”


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