LDS Dems on Syrian Refugees: "But let us not respond to these crimes with fear and paranoia which causes us to abandon the very humanity that has been attacked."

We join people all over the world in condemning the violence committed by terrorists in Paris and Beirut, and mourn for the innocent people so brutally murdered in these attacks. These attacks are crimes against humanity. But let us not respond to these crimes with fear and paranoia which causes us to abandon the very humanity that has been attacked. There is no evidence to connect the Syrian refugees to these attacks, and it is our moral duty to extend help to those fleeing violence and persecution. Let us not forget that our own pioneer ancestors were once refugees fleeing from violence.

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The following is a statement from LDS Dems of Utah, an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party.

LDS Dems supports President Obama’s plan to allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States, and echo his statement that imposing a religious test on who we will admit is “shameful” and “not American."

We join people all over the world in condemning the violence committed by terrorists in Paris and Beirut, and mourn for the innocent people so brutally murdered in these attacks. These attacks are crimes against humanity. But let us not respond to these crimes with fear and paranoia which causes us to abandon the very humanity that has been attacked. There is no evidence to connect the Syrian refugees to these attacks, and it is our moral duty to extend help to those fleeing violence and persecution. Let us not forget that our own pioneer ancestors were once refugees fleeing from violence. 

We support the First Presidency’s recent statement expressing “great concern and compassion” for “the plight of the millions of people around the world who have fled their homes seeking relief from civil conflict and other hardships”, and call for all to heed their call to “render Christlike service to those in need." Showing compassion to Syrian Refugees and indeed, all refugees, is one way to avoid an emotional climate in which "the love of men shall wax cold” (D&C: 45:27, see also verse 26).

LDS Democrats (LDS Dems) is an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party, and part of the national organization, LDS Democrats of America. Founded in 2011, LDS Dems is the largest caucus inside the Utah Democratic Party with more than 4,500 members. More info at

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  • kevin wally
    commented 2015-12-10 21:49:48 -0800
    Hi, I guess we will have to agree to disagree on how well Bush was treated verses Obama. We could go back and forth on this for quite awhile but the issue at hands is refugees. I just want to cite an interesting point on the refugee issue. The Obama administration is not letting any Syrian Christians into the county. “The Hill” which is a blog for Congress in an article titled “No room in America for Christians” written in Jan of this year it is pointed out that the State Department is actually targeting Christians. Apparently rape, murder and genocide is okay as long as it happens to Christians. I did not know this at the time I wrote my response to the article above. It seems that not many people knew this. It seems extremely hypocritical to call people out for a religious test while doing it themselves. At the time of this writing nobody was calling for a complete moratorium on immigration from the most dangerous part of the world. So to asking for a little sympathy for the Christian’s in the Middle East and increase the amount allowed into the country doesn’t seem all that bad. But being insulted and accused of being bigoted while at the same time performing a religious test of their own seems like the most despicable form of politics. The numbers are staggering. All of the Muslim countries are persecuting Christians, Including our allies. The Free Syrian army (The group that we trained/funded) massacred whole towns of Christians causing as many to flee as possible. We don’t even ask them to stop killing Christians to get money and arms. So we fund one faction of terrorists who kill Christians and then don’t let the Christians in the country. Then we call the people asking for help of Christians as the bad guys. He always seems to be on the wrong side of history. It would have been great if this President had just admitted that there is a problem with the whole situation and sat down with the other side and listened. I am sure there would have enough of a compromise to help all involved. Now we have terrorist acts performed in the streets of an American city. The wife of the San Bernardino jihad mass shooting was vetted by our government just like the Syrians will be. That’s great! I feel safe now.(sarcasm) I just wished that instead of using this for political advantage we could have an honest discussion of issues. I appreciate your responses as well. It is nice to be able to actually get a response to my posts.
  • Denise Furlough Grayson
    commented 2015-12-01 21:19:58 -0800
    Of course, I disagree with you. I was an avid watcher of FOX news during Pres Bush’s administration, he had more good will from the media than you might believe. I voted for him, and felt he tried. He h a d democrats who got e d across the aisle, for instance supporting Medicare part D . They even went home to their districts and touted it. The repubs have fought every bit of legislation the Obama administration has put forth. If the democrats block idiotic or other bills that would hurt us, there is nothing wrong with that. As it is, the Congress is do nothing, since 2011 when the repubs took it over. You might want to look back and see the amount of work accomplished during those first years, and it wasn’t naming a post office. The president offered a comprehensive bill for infrastructure repair, and veterans work bill, and the congress refused to move on it. The Bipartisanship immigration bill passed by the Senate, languished in Congress, because Boehner, refused to bring it up for a vote.
    The presidential term has been divisive, but it wasn’t President Obama who was the originator. Thanks for your calm retorts.
  • kevin wally
    commented 2015-12-01 18:12:58 -0800
    I appreciate your inpute. All Presidents have oposition when in office. Its what they do with that opposition that makes them a great leader. President Bush was on the receiving end of some of the worst insults and lies in recent history. He did not resort to calling the opposition names and circumventing the constitution.
    When Obama won the election he pulled in the republicans and told them that We won and you lost so don’t expect to get any amendments to any bills. So unlike other Presidents who crossed the aisle to work with the other side he has not. The congress was a do nothing congress because of Harry Reed and the democrates. Just like now the democrates filibuster anything that would make it hard for President Obama. President Obama has vetoed less bills than any other president in history. He doesn’t have to fight the media. The few tough questions that he received in France was nothing compared to what President Bush had to put up with on a regular basis. Even the comedians on late night TV are always praising him.
    All of this is a mute point. He had an oportunity to unite this country. Instead he has devided it. The friction is enormous. Race relations are the worst since the sixties. He was elected on the concept of no red states and no blue state just Americans. This is not how he has governed though.
  • Denise Furlough Grayson
    commented 2015-11-23 10:33:34 -0800
    Mr Wally, having read your comments, there is much to disagree with.
    Since day one of t he Obama presidency,he has been bombarded with opposition, from Republicans. They conspired to block or vote “nay” on any of his legislative bills presented, to the point there has never been such in the modern-day Congress.
    Prior to inauguration, he feted Sen McCain, after the election, honoring him. He invited usually conservative journalists to a private meeting to present himself, and get to know him.
    When the bill was presented to repair our devastated economy was presented, he had Congress Aaron Shock , ( yeah, that one) ride on AF1, to entice to support it. He moderated the funds he wanted to spend, trying to appease the Repub. Legislators. what was the result? Nada, from that party. Rush an his cohorts, blasted him " I want Barack Obama to fail" it was wonderful to hear Pres Monson, wish him success.
    RW commentators, accused him of " bowing" to Saudi King Abdullah. The king was a short man, he was bending over to accept a medallion. ( I recently went the Bush Pres. library and saw a similar medallion that he had received, and the picture of Prs Bush lovingly holding his hand as he led him on a tour of the Tx presidential ranch. Where was the outrage to that move?
    My point, the same or similar moves that you consider " insulting", are easily passed over, from a conservative.
    In his press conference in Turkey last week, the president rightfully answered repetitive questions about his support of refugees , some of which were goading and leading. I listened to the first three live, and had to leave. When Republicans can go overseas and complain about his leadership, or have the nerve to write a letter to the Iranian government and tell them what they expect, that’s insulting, when Joe Wilson yells " you lie" to the press in a live speech before the world, that’s insulting.
    President Obama has put up with a lot of nonsense, his leadership on this issue, is valid. I could go into the disparity of Christians and Jews refugees, other than to say the propensity of Muslims that’s are being brutalized, killed by their own compatriots, may be a reason they are the majority of refugees.
    Btw, were you upset when Christian Mexicans , trying to cross the border last year, were villainized? Also, Muslim young males encompass 2 % of immigrants in this country. They have fought this years’ long battle with Assad, but I suppose they are robots, and are immune from the terrors of battle.
    Like you, I abortive throwing of Christians overboard, if it actually happened.
  • kevin wally
    commented 2015-11-22 20:07:07 -0800
    First of all there is a couple of things wrong with the statement of not American that the President used in such an insulting way. The law of the United States of America actually requires that religion be one of the considerations for Refugee status. In the Middle east even our allies are killing the Christians and Jews. For example Pakistan/Iran the Muslims are persecuting and killing Christians using blasphemy laws. A religious test in this circumstances is obviously the way to determine refugee status. Just the other day some of the “friendly” Syrian refugee’s threw 12 Christians off of the ship into the Mediterranean to their death instead of letting them receive the refugee status that they themselves will enjoy. This is not the first time this has happened and this type of incident is underreported. Also the numbers of Christians being allowed into this country is extremely low. Only about 3% of the refugees are Christian. This means that 97% of them are Muslim despite both sides of the conflict being against the Christians and the Jews. By the numbers there seems to be a de facto religious test going on. Whether it is by our state department or by other governments in that part of the world it is going on. By default the Christians and the Jews only have a lot fewer places they can go and not be persecuted by the Governments in that part of the world. The so called fear and paranoia might have been called legitimate concerns in a not to distant past. It took only 7 to 8 terrorists to do the carnage in France. It took only 19 to do 911 here in America. It took only five to attack the hotel in Mali. It took 24 to 26 to attack in Mumbai. The Tsarnaev brothers (Two) did quite a bit of mayhem in Boston. The Beirut attacks only took two. The stabbings in Israel etc. etc. The make up of the Syrian refugees is also not indicative of normal refugee situations. Over 70% are single men of military fighting age. At best they are either abandoning the women and children or their country. At worst they are coming for nefarious reasons. Why are they not staying and fighting for their country? Chris Mathews mentioned this the other day. There is an inherent difficulty in vetting people from a war torn country that doesn’t have any information or mass data bases on its citizens like America does. Another point. Using countries over there to help the refugees would help more of them than bringing them over here. The only thing that seems Not American is impugning good Americans for reasonable concerns. Dividing the American people on every issue. resorting to name calling. Blaming all Christians for “sins” committed hundreds of years in the past by one or two Christian sects. He has no problem saying Christians and evil in the same sentence. At the same time saying that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS (Islamic state), Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc. etc. even though they quote the Koran and the Hadiths as their authority. As the President of the “United” States of America he seems more angry at Americans that he does ISIS and all of the groups mentioned above that behead anyone that doesn’t believe like them, rapes and sells women into sex slavery kills anyone in the LGBT community. Stepping back and being honest with the American people would have been a good idea instead the President and his party has resorted to the worst form of politics I have ever seen.
  • Denise Furlough Grayson
    commented 2015-11-17 12:13:03 -0800
    Just said so eloquently, it is how I feel!

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