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  • commented on an electoral jeremiad 2021-03-17 19:46:22 -0700
    Willful blindness combined with hypocrisy amounts in being on the wrong side of history every time. Throw in the self righteous hate and you have the current Democrat Party. Never have I ever seen so much hate filled lies used to destroy fellow Americans. This post is stunning in its breadth of hypocrisy. It’s so bad that it leaves you naked like the Emperor’s new clothes. Step outside at noon on a sunny day look up and deny the sun exists.
  • commented on Why I am Voting For Joe Biden 2020-12-14 12:31:55 -0800
    Hi Justin. Always nice to hear from you. You shouldn’t throw the Democratic party and Matt under the bus like that. I was only responding to his reasons for voting for Biden. See number 6. He says and I quote, “He refuses to call people names and belittle”. Apparently you are unaware that the dog faced pony soldier referred to a young lady that had asked him a difficult question not to the idiot that you think he would have been justified in calling names. Using Joe Biden as some sort example of not making a horses ass of ones self is laughable. He has been a one man gaff machine for years. In 1987 he ran for president for the first time. He lied so many times, and plagiarized multiple speeches of other politicians that he was laughed out the race by the Democratic party. Those are not my arguments they were the his own parties arguments. He has had a strong aversion to the truth even in the run up to this election. I didn’t mention that he has a me too problem that everyone on your side is able to brush under the carpet. That is understandable since the Democratic party of Clinton, Epstein, Weinstein, and too many to mention here. Racist dog whistles? Wow using Biden to call out racist dog whistles is a Joke. The man has been using racist dog whistles, if not out in out racist statements for his entire political life. I guess its okay coming from the party of slavery and not from the party that freed the slaves. I think you don’t understand the definition of fascist. A fascist wouldn’t use the courts to question fraud in an election he would use government agencies like the FBI and CIA to do it on the sly. Oh yea like in 2016. Anyway he learned the technique from the Democrats. Just one point that seems to be lost on most Democrat’s is that they have been doing the same thing for years. Bush vs. Gore. Stacy Abrams still claims to be the legit governor of Georgia. In Iowa, Rita Hart is currently trying to overturn her loss to a Republican using the courts and or Nancy Pelosi and little known house rule that would allow Nancy to seat her instead of the winner of the election. I know you have a long list of real criticisms of uncle Joe. I understand that he isn’t as “good” Berny. So do I. But if you had read the article above you would understand that I was responding to the tongue bath/foot massage that he received. For 4 years we have had nothing of substance argued against our positions, Just name calling and outright lies. Joe Biden doesn’t walk on water. Kamala Harris doesn’t either. Their cabinet members are not Marvel heroes. Listening to you and CNN and others you would think can and are. So quit presenting juvenile and ignorant arguments to vote for one of the greatest Jack asses in history and I won’t respond in kind.
  • commented on Who, After All, Speaks Today of the Annihilation of the Armenians? 2019-11-03 20:09:14 -0800
    Where was this article when Obama pulled us out of Iraq? How many Christians and yazidis were killed after he abandoned them. Then he let ISIS run around killing innocent men women children for years with his lack luster attempt to stop them. Say what you want about Trump he got rid of ISIS in less than two years. The Kurds still worked with him to eliminate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Maybe after the way Obama treated the Yazidis they don’t like America either. Maybe Ilhan Omar could speak for the Armenians after all she voted present instead of for the Armenian resolution. She also is a Armenian genocide denier. I think it would be more helpful to stop judging one President with extreme prejudice while the other one did as bad or much worse things. This article has many good points, genocide of any group should not be ignored, but missed an opportunity to show that we could have an honest dialogue about politics.
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    Sorry Justin any one with an honest bone in their body would call what you said name calling and not constructive. There is lots of scientists that do not believe as you do. It doesn’t make them lazy and it doesn’t mean that there beliefs kill people either. Also I never expressed hate. I pointed out that the violence and expressions of hate seem to be coming from the left. So if you think that I am causing the death of people what would you be willing to do about it? Seriously if you believe that I am killing people what wouldn’t you do to stop it? It seems to me that your statements could be used to justify a lot of things. You proved my point that the anger is on the left. I could easily treat you the same way but I refuse to. Anyway if you haven’t heard. A.O.C. said she wasn’t serious about the 12 year mark. So lets not be sea sponges and see what happens in 12 years.
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    Senate democrats and republicans found no connection between Russia and the Trump campaign. So we have had two years of lies and wasted money about that. I guess if we are going to destroy a republican president its okay to use the FBI, CIA and the special councils office to do it. Funny how Trumps popularity went up after the government shut down.
  • commented on 10 ways to defend religious freedom in 2017 2017-03-05 16:20:25 -0800
    I would like to respond to your well laid out discussion of the religious freedom debate. I do take issue with the title of your article though. It should be titled a lecture on behavior not on preserving religious freedom.
    The Constitution’s (1st amendment) as pertaining to religion says, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” I hate to break it to you but how Mormons, Catholics, Muslims or any other religion or person acts doesn’t hurt religious freedom. Even Christian bakers, photographers and other businesses not participating in something they deem against their religion such as gay marriages doesn’t hurt religious freedom. Workplaces refusing to pay for abortions or contraceptives doesn’t hurt religious freedom. The only thing that hurts or destroys religious freedom is government. You mentioned the Mormons in Missouri and Hauns Mill. But I seem to recall the people that were against the Mormons used the government to do the persecution. It was Gov. Boggs that put the extermination order on the Mormons. Joseph Smith was “arrested” and put in Carthage jail. The massacre at Hauns Mill occurred under the color of law. That is why the constitution points to Congress/Government when it defines religious freedom. It wasn’t Mormons or Catholics or Muslims fining the bakers photographers and caterers and putting them out of business. It wasn’t any religion trying to force the The Little Sisters Of The Poor to pay for contraception. It was the government destroying the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution. It was Pres. Obama and liberal progressives that believe they have such a moral high ground that the use of force is justified. Just like Gov. Boggs or the law that arrested Joseph Smith. It is the government that destroys religious freedom.
    When religions and people act contrary to what you believe, you have the freedom to not participate. If you think that an employer should pay for contraception or even abortion then don’t work for a religious organization or business that doesn’t believe in abortion or contraception. If the baker doesn’t want to bake a cake for your wedding then get a baker that does. When the government gets involved there is no recourse. Only the government can throw someone in jail, fine you out of existence, take your family or family members away. In a free country with hundreds of millions of people and many religions, believers and nonbelievers not everyone is going to agree on things. But when you ask the government to force everyone to comply with your beliefs it becomes burdensome and you become what you fear the most. A close-minded individual forcing his will on all who have the audacity to have a different opinion than you.
    Another point that you brought up in your article is to support minority religions. This sounds good on the surface but it should go both ways. Too often in our society minority religions/non believers take offence to whatever the majority religions does and uses the government to shut down the majority religion in the area. The religious left as you put it thinks that the only way that a majority religion can support a minority religion is to stop practicing what they believe. That is why you have atheists and other minority religions suing everyone and trying to stop majority religions from practicing their beliefs. It brings to mind the lawsuit where a Muslim student sues a private Christian University to have them remove the crucifixes from classrooms at the school. To the religious left there is no free exercise clause if you are a majority religion. If everyone followed the advice in your seventh and ninth point the minority religions/non believers would be satisfied to let others worship and not take offence to every little thing that is done. This is how Obama can sleep at night forcing religions, doctors, businesses and people to do things against their beliefs.
    Also defense of a minority religion should not come at the expense of your principles. If you are for gay rights and are attacking Mormons and Catholics why would you ignore the same perceived wrongdoing in a minority religion. It would be easier to take a lecture from liberal progressives if they were consistent. It becomes obvious that the objective is to destroy one religion using another, not religious freedom when there is no consistency. Maybe instead of lawsuits, fines, jailing people, and impugning people’s motives that disagree with yours, you live and let live. It would be nice if everyone followed the advice that is in your seventh and ninth point but one side doesn’t. They use the government and law suit intimidation for every little perceived violation of how they believe everyone should act. They constantly pit one religion against another.
    In summary if you believe in freedom of religion and the constitution follow your seventh and ninth points. Maybe they should have been first and second. Try to convince people that your ideas are correct. Don’t always resort to government to do your bidding.
  • commented on Transgender Students Have A Math Problem 2016-05-23 19:09:18 -0700
    This is arguably one of the most naive posts I have ever read. To say that your daughter might see a penis, as the only thing that might go wrong in a school setting, is ridiculous. As if there are no cell phones with cameras, no boys willing to risk life and limb to see the naked female form. There are web sites dedicated to hidden cameras in restrooms, locker rooms etc. There is up skirt videos etc. If the boys can walk into the women’s locker room etc. while they are changing to use the bathrooms what makes you think that isn’t going to happen. You imply that some sort of stigma will hang with the boy who fakes it for a day. That’s a mighty big assumption.
    I have a daughter that is autistic and non communicative. Do you really think I should be comfortable having males in the bathroom with her? You act as if no child ever gets sexually assaulted in restrooms. You write as if transgendered people are so perfect that they have never committed a sex crime. In a country and a state where we have had school teachers molest children? Where sexting scandals have happened at schools? Where peeping toms have used bathrooms as a location to perform their devious acts? Where the porn industry and Hollywood have glorified the idea of getting free looks or worse in restrooms of the opposite sex? You made the statement that there is no reports of problems where people are allowed to use the restroom that they identify with. This is simply not true. There are reports but they get hammered for reporting it. One example happened when a lady wasn’t comfortable having to dress in front of a man at a gym and the gym kicked her out. I hate to break it to you but all things sexual are under-reported because of the nature of the problems. The progressive democrat party is willing to destroy the stability and the safety of the restroom as you have said for around .03% of the population.
    I watched as one gender fluid individual said he felt erased because he couldn’t use the wrong bathroom. This makes me wonder what is going on with this young man. In a nation where we try to instill a sense of self worth in every young person why are we feeding these peoples insecurities. Does he spend his entire day in the bathroom? Does the few minutes spent in the bathroom negate the rest of the day where he spends the majority of his time? Wouldn’t it be better to help them have better self esteem and let the 50-54% of the population (women) who aren’t confused about their identity be comfortable the time they spend in the rest room?
    Critical thinking would say that we don’t make the majority of America uncomfortable for .03% of the population. This would be the dictatorship of the minority. It turns critical thinking and commonsense on its head. America is a very accommodating country we are willing to work through many issues but this one is so naive as be cruel.
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    I’m always amazed at how easy it is to be completely ignorant about our form of government. The government gets it powers from the governed. This one standard allowed this great country to grow and become the great country that it is. Where citizens were the sovereigns and where the government worked for them. Dr Susan L. Brady and the entire Democratic Party would flip this structure on its head.
    Since I know of no citizen with the right or authority to take my paycheck for their or someone else’s personal gain how did the government suddenly have this right if it gets its powers from the governed. I am sure that any good Democrat that makes over the national income average donates all of their excess income to government to set an example to us conservatives who do not believe the government has this right. The founding fathers knew that there is no way to satisfy the voracious appetite of people that think they have the right to other people’s income through government confiscation. That it is too much power in the hands of the government. It also brings out the worst in people. It eventually tears apart a country i.e. Venezuela or Argentina.
    George Bernard Shaw said it pretty good when he said, “Socialism means equality of income or nothing… under socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live you would have to live well.” This is a common thread among democrats progressives socialists(national, international, or democratic). The force is so common and pervasive that the people proposing these forms of government or programs don’t even consider it when they push it on others. In other words what yours is mine and what’s mine is mine even if I have to have the government take it from you through force. Then I can feel good because the government will be so much better than the average citizen and do all of these wonderful things. There is just one thing wrong with this scenario. Once Pandora’s box is open you can’t control it. This is precisely why the founders established a government that got its powers from the governed. No divine right of kings. No greater good façade, just pure
    In 2013 three trillion dollars was spent on helping the poor by federal state and local governments. This does not include the cost of welfare forced upon private citizens such as rent controls etc. This is equal to $10,000 for every man woman or child in the US or $40,000 for every person in poverty. This is also before the cost of Obama care kicked in. This doesn’t include welfare. This begs the question, where did all of that money go? We have a national debt of 18 plus trillion dollars and unfunded liabilities of 200 trillion. The Obama care website cost almost a trillion dollars and didn’t work. Dr Susan L. Brady and the Democrat ”progressive” Party thinks that blowing more money and enslaving everyone to the government without ever asking where is all of this money going and how are we going into debt at the same time. By the time the Democrats are done we will all be poor defenseless (no military) and in revolt because there will come a complete collapse at some point. There is no satisfying the socialist/progressive mindset. It is so evil that to claim that helping the poor while destroying all that is good with crushing debt and force is beyond description.
    The founders got it right. By keeping the government power in check and not giving it the right to take peoples life, liberty and property for the benefit of another the people were free to progress as far as they wanted. So please quit putting lipstick on this pig (socialism) and call it what it is pure destructive force.
  • commented on Muppets and Medicaid 2015-12-19 22:07:59 -0800
    After reading your op-ed It reminds me of the old saying that you can’t eat money. Insurance is not health care and health care is not insurance. Insurance (medicade) does not equate to life saving treatments either especially when it comes to government insurance. There are lots of studies that have shown extremely poor outcomes for medicade patients. Even when compared to no insurance at all. All of the socialized medical systems in the world have major issues that no one seems able to overcome. When Pres. Obama kept repeating that the medical system was broken and his program was was the only way to fix it. The system was broken because of government involvement not the lack thereof. But this is a subject for a different day. I just want to use a couple of quick examples to show the absurdity of thinking that Medicade expansion would improve anything except government paychecks.
    There was this constant barrage of how wasteful private insurance bureaucracy was, they aren’t doctors and they are just an expense. They belong to those greedy insurance companies and we should bypass these middle men and have the government administer everything. Anyone who beleives that a government bureaucracy would be more efficient is off their perverbial rocker. One only has to look to the VA to see how wonderful the government can run medicine. Vets were dying left and right because they were put on waiting lists that weren’t even the official waiting lists. The bureaucrats did get their bonuses though. This is something that we can expect, especially for medicade expansion patients. Canada health care went bankrupt and needed emergency legislation during our health care debates. It was amazing how fast everyone quit mentioning Canada’s heath care. Then President Obama had to lie and I mean lie(total fabrication) about every aspect of his program from how much it would save to being able to keep your doctor and your plan. He also started insulting doctors claiming they cut off feet to get extra money. Telling old people that instead of getting care they should get something for the pain, then go home and get end of life counseling. And this coming from people who are pro choice(except when it comes to your doctor or your chosen plan). That is very reassuring. Medicade expansion guarantees more people will have insurance. It guarantees worse outcomes for the health and the well being of the patients. It also guarantees that fewer and fewer people will get to see a doctor and get the much needed medical attention that they deserve. Medicade is the number one denier of claims. At this point you have no choice, there is only death, a surcease from pain.

    There is a big disagreement on the best distribution of health care. On one side complete faith in a government that uses force, and doesn’t care about the results of their decisions and the other side that is constantly adjusting to natural law to supply the most services for less. Neither is perfect and they both have flaws. But to equate one side with Scrooge is absurd just because we don’t buy into the IRS/government knows best about my health care. The legislature taking its time to get something RIGHT, that is about life and death is not the same as being Scrooge. I would hope that before you call names maybe take a look at the other side and ask maybe they are well intentioned as well as me we just disagree on how to best serve others. See the article on this website about “Love Thy Neighbor: Even if They Are Republican”.
  • commented on What Do Stalin, Mao and Obama Have in Common? Nothing. 2015-12-08 18:16:27 -0800
    Thanks for the thought provoking post. I liked the civics/politics lesson. You left out fascism though. Where the government leaves ownership in the private sector but takes control over the part of the economy that benefits the leader. I just do not see where the question in the title is answered “correctly.” It asks “What Do Stalin, Mao and Obama Have in Common? Nothing” Then it describes the three countries represented by their respective leaders as if the way America functions is some sort of representation of What Obama believes. America has 200 plus years of not being socialist and or communist so to quote tax numbers v. GDP etc. to prove he doesn’t believe in socialism and communism is “deep intellectual dishonesty” as you would say. First of all even if he wanted to run this country like Chairman Mao or Stalin he could not and would have to do something crazy like fascism which is easier to do. But this brings me to ask and attempt an answer for the question at hand. What does he believe? Yes attempt because I can’t read his mind it will be an attempt. It is not so secretive that he actually as a youth went to many communist rallies, and was sponsored by Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist. His dad and mom were both sympathetic to socialism/communism. He surrounds himself with Maoists i.e. Anita Dunn. He has no problem working with Communists i.e. the Castro brothers in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. There seems to be no amount of evil that these statists can commit that will offend Pres. Obama. He even loves Iran so connecting him to “homicidal totalitarian regimes” is no problem. He does this on his own. Because it would be so difficult to implement socialism directly he has to resort to direct control over industries to have them do the bidding of the US government. So instead of taking completely over the health care industry let’s just take control which fits the definition for fascism sometimes referred to as national socialism. I am not implying that he is fascist. He would much rather put all of the insurance companies out of business and turn it over to the government. He has even said so which would be socialism in nature.
    Now to the second part about the health care disaster called Obama care. It is interesting that he went straight for the largest most costly most intrusive form of medicine possible. You can call it what you want but it was no secret at the time that is was known as “socialized medicine”. I think the key word here is control (fascism). Any time the IRS gets involved in my health care and the government controls every aspect of supply and demand chain I call that socialized medicine of some form. The law is about a thousand pages and the pages of regulations are 20,000 plus. This is a perfect example of the fix is much worse than the disease. Why not do something less expensive than the previous system and allow patients to keep more money and have control over their own health care? There is so many things wrong with Obama “don’t” care that they are too many to describe here. I can’t help but think there is an alternative motivation in passing such a disastrous law because if helping people that need it was the motive there is a much better way.
    Whether intentional or not, leaving out the definition of fascism, and using how the countries of the respective leaders function to describe how President Obama believes seems a little deceptive. So look before you accuse someone of “deep intellectual dishonesty”. I am not trying to be combative it just seems to me that the animosity on the left is way out of control.
  • commented on LDS Dems Support UtahAccess+....with Edits 2015-11-22 23:00:42 -0800
    The one quote from above that makes this whole debate a disaster, “physicians and medical facilities are not the only ones who will financially benefit from Medicaid expansion” seems like a complete misunderstanding of economics. Edits 2 and 3 drive doctors away from providing for Medicare patients. Charging them an assessment and then paying them less than what the services cost when they are overwhelmed with patients already is a quick way to have a doctor shortage so health can get expensive and rare. The sign I do not accept Medicaid patients will become a lot more popular. Lots of insurance and no doctors. Sounds like good old fashion socialized medicine at its best.
  • commented on LDS Dems on Syrian Refugees: "But let us not respond to these crimes with fear and paranoia which causes us to abandon the very humanity that has been attacked." 2015-12-10 21:49:48 -0800
    Hi, I guess we will have to agree to disagree on how well Bush was treated verses Obama. We could go back and forth on this for quite awhile but the issue at hands is refugees. I just want to cite an interesting point on the refugee issue. The Obama administration is not letting any Syrian Christians into the county. “The Hill” which is a blog for Congress in an article titled “No room in America for Christians” written in Jan of this year it is pointed out that the State Department is actually targeting Christians. Apparently rape, murder and genocide is okay as long as it happens to Christians. I did not know this at the time I wrote my response to the article above. It seems that not many people knew this. It seems extremely hypocritical to call people out for a religious test while doing it themselves. At the time of this writing nobody was calling for a complete moratorium on immigration from the most dangerous part of the world. So to asking for a little sympathy for the Christian’s in the Middle East and increase the amount allowed into the country doesn’t seem all that bad. But being insulted and accused of being bigoted while at the same time performing a religious test of their own seems like the most despicable form of politics. The numbers are staggering. All of the Muslim countries are persecuting Christians, Including our allies. The Free Syrian army (The group that we trained/funded) massacred whole towns of Christians causing as many to flee as possible. We don’t even ask them to stop killing Christians to get money and arms. So we fund one faction of terrorists who kill Christians and then don’t let the Christians in the country. Then we call the people asking for help of Christians as the bad guys. He always seems to be on the wrong side of history. It would have been great if this President had just admitted that there is a problem with the whole situation and sat down with the other side and listened. I am sure there would have enough of a compromise to help all involved. Now we have terrorist acts performed in the streets of an American city. The wife of the San Bernardino jihad mass shooting was vetted by our government just like the Syrians will be. That’s great! I feel safe now.(sarcasm) I just wished that instead of using this for political advantage we could have an honest discussion of issues. I appreciate your responses as well. It is nice to be able to actually get a response to my posts.
  • commented on Master, what shall I do? (Luke 10:25-37) 2015-11-22 07:42:06 -0800
    The comparison of the Syrian refuges and the Good Samaritan is not even appropriate. The Syrian refuges are killing the Christians that are on the same boats crossing the Mediterranean. Just the other day they threw 12 Christians overboard killing them. This isn’t the fist time this has happened. This type of incident is way underreported. Also some of the refuges that have made it here were terrorists and have been arrested for buying weapons to kill more Americans. Because of this the Obama admin had to shut down the refuge program in 2012. 70 plus percent of the refuges are single military age men who should be fighting for the freedom of Syria. Where are all of the women and children that they should be helping. Also where are all of the Middle east countries. Why are they not helping. Saudi Arabia, EAU etc. have not stepped up. It would be better for all involved it the problem was handled in that part of the world. We could help many more people by helping them there than bringing them here.
  • commented on The Retrumplican Party 2015-08-12 19:34:06 -0700
    These statistics are misleading. The crime rate in Mexico/South America is extremely high. It is much higher than in the USA. It is a reasonable assumption that the people coming here would have at least the same crime rate as their home country. This makes their crime rate much higher than anything that occurs in America. Since until recently it was not legal for them to work in America it stands to reason that the ID theft is much higher in the illegal population. Also the tax evasion/working under the table not paying taxes is much higher than the native population. In fact the ID theft would have to be extremely high.

    The one fact that is never mentioned is that if the government had done their Job 100 percent of the illegal’s crime rate would not have happened in America. All of the murders, drunk driving deaths, rapes, assaults, gang and drug crimes etc. wouldn’t have happened at all. The massive failure of the federal government to do the most basic and fundamental functions of government, protection of the citizens. It seems ridiculous that we even worry about their crime rate, where they come from or even why they are here when if the people we have entrusted with enforcing the laws of the land refuse to do so resulting in needless crime and conflict in our country. I don’t know how all of these politicians responsible for the death and added burden on all of our systems can look us in the eyes and make us feel guilty for wanting them to do their job. I would have a hard time sleeping at night if people were needlessly dying and I could have stopped it.

    Another point that seems never to be brought up is what is wrong with Mexico or any of the other countries feeding this problem. Take Mexico for example. It is a beautiful country full of hard working wonderful people, a 12 month growing season, natural resources etc. Yet the people of Mexico and south America are braking up their own families by sending their kids or paying Coyotaje’s tones of money and risking death coming to America. In the meantime liberals and progressives point their fingers at America a racist and nasty country. This is absurd. Why would they leave these countries to come here if we are so bad. Wouldn’t it be more productive to ask or even demand a little change from these countries than keep making excuses for them. Accusing America of being the bad guy and promoting illegal immigration as something good for our country is destroying any chance of Mexico/South America improving. Also it lets these poorly run countries to slide instead of changing. It seems to me that many organizations are taking advantage of the situation instead of doing the right thing.

    The other points are very disheartening. Your point 8 is perplexing to me. The party that is worried about wage inequality, and stagnation is suddenly worried about labor costs and inflation. What about a $15 minimum wage. So it is positive that illegal immigration has suppressed wages. While at the same time progressives want to force buisness to pay $15 minimum wage.

    Your first point is a mis direct. You say that they are not eligible for federal benefits with not mention of the fact that many of them get benefits anyway . In point 2 you say they pay taxes. This means that they are using a stolen SS number and do not want to alert the IRS to the fact that they are using someone elses number. They also use that number to get benefits illegally. No matter how innocent this seams the cost to tax payers buisness and governt agencies is enormous. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but it is much bigger than the tax windfall that you mention in 2.

    Summery: Immigration laws of this country were set up to protect the citizens and help them and the nation to grow in an orderly and controlled manner. It was a win win for everyone. Then certain groups saw they could cheat the system by ingoring the laws. By ignoring the laws it has turned the system in a lose win situation that if very unfair for Americans and people around the world folloing the rules. Sometimes tough love is what is best. In this situation it is what this nation needs.
  • commented on Love Thy Neighbor: Even If They Are A Republican 2015-08-11 09:25:49 -0700
    This is an excellent article. I am very conservative and have struggled with this very concept but from the other side. I would like to state that the goals of conservatives and liberals seam to be the same in most instances but how we get there is where the conflict comes into play. For example: I think that we would all agree that clean water air and an environment are goals of everyone. We would all agree that getting rid of poverty is a worthy goal as well. As far as the anger on the conservative side comes from is that our motives are insulted relentlessly. After the last presidential election you would have thought Mitt Romney was ruthless man who would let people die needlessly and was a tax cheat that never paid a dime in taxes cheating the government out of much needed funds. None of which is true. We watch as the national media continues to lie about conservatives while hiding the truth about democrats. Democrats are never required to apologize for what they say or apologize for what another demarcate says. This creates a frustration that makes it hard to maintain a sense of civility. I want to make it clear that I have never flipped anyone off or called disparaging names to anyone that doesn’t believe like me. I have had many a political discussion with democrats and have stayed civil every time. But it has been my experience that the democrat resorts to name calling and disparages my motives instead of presenting a well constructed argument for their beliefs. I am writing this because I would like a well constructed argument for the democrat position without all off the false rhetoric about us being paranoid, wanting to through grandma off the cliff, hating the environment, education and the poor being used as the democrat position. In reading this blog I see this trend continuing. I understand that politics is a contact sport so I understand the rhetoric. So when some republicans use the same technique maybe just understand they are on defense.
  • commented on A New Page in US-Cuban and US-Iranian Relations 2016-08-18 22:12:35 -0700
    Just a follow up a year later. We now know that the Obama administration officially lied about negotiating with moderates. They brag about the gullible media believing their lies.There never was any moderates to negotiate with. We also now know that there was a secrect agreement for the Iranian’s to get nukes five to ten years earlier than what was first published. The big pay outs whether it was the release of funds for coming off of sanctions or payments for hostages most of the money has gone to fund terrorist organizations and their ICBM program. President Obama just became one of the biggest contributers to terroism in history. He is also presiding over one of the biggest holocausts in history as he steadfastly denies Christians refugee status and funds mass murderers in the middle east. History will not be so kind and the current media. Just like with Dem. President’s Wilson (racist) FDR (racist). Also both loved mass mudering dictators. FDR refused to bomb the railroad tracks that would have slowed the slaughter of some of the Jews in WWII. Obama refuses to do what it takes to save the Christians and Jews from this mass slaughter. It takes a very brutal individual to do that.


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