Thanks for the Attacks!

In the past week or so we mormon liberals have come under attack. First, a Stake President in Utah wielded right-wing talking points over the pulpit, accusing liberals of hating freedom and helping society careen toward certain destruction. Then, last Sunday, a prominent mormon conservative blogger accused the "liberal agenda" of advancing Satan's cause through "moral rape."

As I've said before, I couldn't be happier about these attacks. They are perfect examples of what we mormon liberals endure on a regular basis. Despite the plethora of Apostles and Prophets who have made incredibly clear the notion that there are good Mormons all over the political spectrum, we mormon lefties get attacked all the time.

And these open, public attacks are doing nothing but bringing those everyday attackes out into the open. This isn't the first time we've been told we're advancing the plan of the Devil, nor will it be the last, until we address the political problem in the Church: the majority (conservatives) believe that the minority (liberals) are not good Mormons.

Don't be surprised, then, if a mormon liberal feels ostracized even in her own faith, even among her own people.

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